Gpd Win Max Reddit Gpd Win Max RedditIt also is very versatile in that it has ties for tying a rolled up overcoat or something underneath without taking up any space inside. I'm not sure if that's true, but if it is, then it had a second row of contacts for faster transfer speeds. But you don't have to say that the steam deck m is better than the GPD win max because it's cheaper. While the win max is also unplugged. I have a Win Max 2 and a older Zephyrus G14 GA401 (2020 model). 2 SATA if thats the type of port. I hope I will need this sheet faster. In Project Cars 2, the gyro can move the navigational menu but can't steer the car even if it's set to the left Joystick. Can you fit the WinMax in your pocket? : r/gpdwin. Seeing devices like this being used at airports is a very good accomplishment for gpd. Outta nowhere the touchpad just gave up. The win 4 is the iteration of the win 3. Cinebench R20 / CPU (Multi Core). So your forced to spend more money to buy in a local area, or deal with long shipping …. Second, the resale value of GPD handhelds are quite good. It also has more USB ports as well as an HDMI port, so connecting external devices would be easier. ago by ari3sgr3gg0 Win Max 2 Six Month Update I've had the Win Max 2 for six months now, figured I'd give an update since long term owners are usually not very vocal …. GPD Win 4 7840u • Assassin's Creed Origins | High / Ultra High Settings/ 720p 45hz (No Spoiler) youtu. I don’t think it’s overkill if you’re going to try to fight to get 40-60fps on 4K res with newer triple A games. 10 GPD Win Max 2 handheld gaming PC review: Intel Core i7-1260P or AMD Ryzen 7 6800U? A Win-Win situation. 5 mm output either due to the cheap and nasty realtek codec. It's more compact and its keyboard with you can solve the problem. 4" screen and is smaller in height and nearly half the thickness. The August Adrenaline drivers from AMD just dropped today and surprise surprise, there's weird behavior on the 2023 Win Max 2! First tried to update from the Adrenaline software. A screwdriver So let me walk you through my steps. I'm genuinely excited for the Max 2, the only thing making me doubt GPD is QC, or the lack thereof at times. GPD Win Max 2 - MotionAssistant gyro settings help. In a way, 4k at a lower refresh is easier on an eGPU than 1440p at a high refresh so that might be fine. GPD win max 2 7840u, Just got mine in NZ! I got mine today too. It appeared to update the drivers to 23. The setting was in Device Manager, under Bluetooth right click Intel (R) Wireless Bluetooth (R), choose Properties, Power. gpd win 4, I didn't pay much attention. The built-in battery is not completely disabled when it is inserted, It’s in order to extend the battery life when it’s used frequently under charging status, after the battery is fully charged, the battery will charge again when it drop below 95%. hi - i had already Windows 11 installed on my GPD Win Max 2021. Anyone that says 16GB is enough is saying 16GB is enough for them, not that 16GB is enough for you. Updated Guide (2019 ) for GPD Win/ Win 2 playing PS4's Remote. You also get a 1TB or 2TB PCIe Gen 3 M. Power Control - 1/61 Security Vendors identify file as malicious. If you buy from them, be prepared to have next to NO support if. Click connect display on the lower left hand side. Should I just reformat it now?. GPD Pocket 3 - like hinge to make it a convertible and add another use case (Tablet mode). I stopped using it because of this issue. The screens glass was originally suppose to be flat. GPD Win Max 2 handheld gaming PC review: Intel Core i7. My gripes are: Keyboard suck — I’m not sure who will really try to use the max for productivity but I honestly don’t think the keyboard is needed on a device like this. Its a pain having to squint in the dark for the button combo to enable it. The concern was that the resolution was too high, but Ice Lake has integer scaling built into the iGPU so it would've been a moot point either way. I use GPD WIN 2 (not MAX) with USB-C hub and attached ethernet, monitor and USB keyboard/mouse, for 3D related tasks (3D printing, CNC control etc), it is comparable to typical office PC. Undervolting and changing the TDP Wattage will allow you to run more demanding games at better speeds. GPD Win Max 2 uses WD Black SSD? Thought it was "crappy" Biwin?. Test gpu under load for black screen. 45W TDP, GPD WIN 4 6800U Test Dead Space Remastered ALL Settings Max. modeset=0" but that just results in it getting stuck on boot at the first screen after GRUB where it lists your root device and the block counts. We don't know exactly how they'll have it tuned, but at the very least it will have double the cores, and the 5800U is rated for up to 4. Win Max 2 replacing SSD easy or difficult? : r/gpdwin. Thanks to a lot of good guys, we can run macOS Big Sur on GPD Win Max: Big Sur on GPD Win Max. The OG Win Max was the exception. Just installed Windows 11 22000. 3D printed handles for the win max 2. Controller hardware (minus what's bad) Controller firmware as opposed to Win 2. Used the device manager to install drive from a folder in the computer, pointed to the folder in the extracted driver package. I think they're out of stock on their aliexpress store at the moment, but some other aliexpress stores had it in stock for the same price last I checked. Sadly I'm gonna have to use the installed SSD in order to create a boot drive on a USB to install Windows 10. The screen of Win Max 2 is still small The screen resolution is great, color accuracy sucks (pretty vivid) Built-in controller allows you to test much more than just KB. Overview Tech Specs Gallery Review Firmware & Driver French GPD WIN Max 2 2023 Handheld Gaming PC with Bezel-less Display AMD Ryzen 7 7840U AMD Ryzen 7000 Processor AMD Radeon 780M Graphics 12CU, 768 shaders 64GB / 32GB RAM LPDDR5x-7500 MT/s 2TB / 1TB M. LPDDR5 is soldered on and non upgradable. You lose nearly 40% performance due to the bandwidth limitations of TB3, but running the games at 800p instead of 1080 should mitigate some of the loss. 1 bezelless screen, 6800U and 1260P all available, support 32GB RAM and 2TB ssd, 4G LTE and M. Issue: GPD WIN MAX 2 Continually Inputs 9, Mousepad and Mouse Clicks Via L1,L2,R1,R2 Unresponsive So I just received my GPD WIN MAX 2 yesterday and it worked just fine the handful of times I've initially used it. Unable to Power On (Fixed) GPD WIN2 can fail to power on if it has been connected to an incompatible USB-C charger. Introducing The GPD Win Max 2! : r/gpdwin. Step 1: Open up the GPD Win Max. Will be stuck in black screen, keyboard lights up but does not respond. As a recent owner of the Win Max 2021 I am blown away by it's power and wish I got it sooner, I might get the Win Max 2 when its at retail and bugs get fixed, but the Win Max 1 is powerful enough to run anything I like to play on it so I don't see the need at the moment. Once you’re booted from the flash drive, it is again very simple steps to reinstall windows. Does anyone know where to find a replacement? The screen must be replaced to fix the issue. Dude, the thing is that it has BOTH and both are PCI-E 4. Win Max 2 and Razer Core x (3060 ti) problems : r/gpdwin. The GPD Win 2 is just under the display of the Win Max - No cutting and pasting here - Just one single picture. It’s very solidly built, very cushiony to protect what’s inside. Saturation overheat is still a problem since GPD Win Max 2 is closed space, but should not damage the drive once you have RPI heatsinks installed. The Game compatibility list is already in the Win Max Wiki. I'm just gonna list goods and bads in order of importance: Good: Price. The WM2 is heavier, doesn't have any handles/grips, you can feel the fans on your hands, the joysticks are smaller than full-sized controller joysticks, etc. detach the spacebar keycap (find tutorial on YT. I have written to mail and got 3733Mhz, overall that what i need. But my poor Win max 2021 couldn't boot anymore. #3: Ultimate Windows 11 Guide Overhaul / Massive Update. I don't think there is anything beyond that. GPD WIN MAX 2 2023 7640U: GPD WIN MAX 2 2023 7840U: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 7640U 6C, 12T @ 4. I absolutely love the case I bought on Amazon for the win max 2. There is definitely something wrong if it cuts out to a blank screen. I am enjoying it very much so far. In handheld mode I rest the base of the device on my stomach - a USB to Headphone adapter is a great upgrade for the win max simply because it moves the headphone port to the top of the device so the. We need the option to have it "always on". Hadn’t done anything more strenuous recently than watch a video file. ISSUE: Check your WIN3's wifi chip when you get it. On Windows, I had issue reconnecting after sleep too. The iGPU has to use system memory since it does not have any of its own. Find a needle and stick it into the small hole thats located between the usb-c ports on the back, for 10sec. Also consider Win 4 if you want a candy bar style handheld, but smaller and more powerful than the deck. Just because your monitor is 165hz tho doesn't mean your games will get anywhere near that many frames. Regardless, it is worth contacting GPD about the issue. GPU:lntel® Iris® Plus Graphics 940. The colors are also way worse than I had realized at the time. Finally broke down and bought a win 3. my first thought would be to just set up for multi monitor. With their pricing very much competitive against the Steam Deck. First, the 2TB ssd during IGG and most of the indemand are WD Black drives. To me, the Win Max 2's ergonomics as a handheld is really bad. I feel if you want good performance (You can only get so much), the GPD Win 1 is not comfortable to hold when it gets hot. How is customer service in case of hardware failure? 2 of my buddies got the GPD Win Max 2 and after 1-2 months, started to have issues at the hardware level (some ports no longer working, controller drifting, some keys not responding). If the Rog comes in at 700ish, that is an awesome deal! I hate the look of it, but the value for the specs would be really solid. To all of you who wanted to run games off a floppy drive, can confirm it works great. The 680M/780M is good for handhelds on a 7 ~ 10" max screen but larger screens or more demanding games, you need to go low powered dedicated. Whenever I pull out my Win Max 1, I'm shocked by how small the screen feels. Once that is done, then you start with your gaming front-ends, so be it Steam, RetroArch, and others. ago The win max and other win devices use a pretty basic bios chip that can be flashed using a tool that you can buy from amazon. Like past devices, the Win Max 2 might be at the point of no longer receiving any more BIOS/FW updates. Asus VivoBook Flip) can be £550 ($750), and that does not have active cooling or a built-in XBox controller. Despite being pretty accurate and with tiny dead zones, you still fell much more limited, than on DS4, for example. 4) Ultimately I'm trying to decide if I should wait for it. One of the ribbons that send a current to the motherboard to have them be detected wasn't secured onto the plastic backing. EDIT: There are two fixes for this issue (only one is needed), one software and one hardware -- for the software fix you can use CRU and set the device to 59. Odd storage partition on Win Max. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. GPD has offered them to individuals who contact them, I don't think there is a parts store though. Hall stick, analog trigger, gyro, magnet cover. Gpd win max virus : r/gpdwin. I purchase a win max 2021 for $400 also near new with original everything and case. Right now, I have it set to what the bios considers as the "up" tdp configuration which is 25-28. PassMark PCMark 3DMark GPD Win MAX Gaming Benchmarks Forza Horizon 4 Street Fighter V Final Fantasy XIV Summary GPD Win MAX 2020 vs 2021 …. Saturation overheat on SX8100 (with heat sinks) is at about consistent writing of over 2. I know the GPD Win Max 2 has faster RAM which might make up some of that gap, but it is. Unfortunately this doesn’t help. If you value small form factor, portability, don't care about smaller battery and don't care about having space for 2 M. Just download a Windows 11 ISO and do a clean install. So on a GPD, you will always have 4GB of virtual memory, 2 of which is completely dedicated to the OS even if it isn't needed, and 2GB for games. win max 2 screen cracked : r/gpdwin. 2 17 comments Best Add a Comment LazyBunnyKiera • 5 mo. Besides the sharp window edges, and the alt-tab screen. 2 SATA, which looks almost identical), but due to physical limitations its needs to be single sided (chips on one side, not both). This is the very UMPC I have wanted for years. However, the Win Max uses a tablet screen, so it has huge bezels, and it defaults to. Does the gaming laptop that you are looking for has 4x the Teraflops of the GPD Win Max? Because if not, you will get better performance on the GPD Win Max than the full 1080p laptop. i finally started using the built in controls a bit, and i dunno about you guys, but id be lying if i say its comfortable to hold this device and game with the built in controller for anything longer than 5 minutes lol. The only real surprise is its more of a model refresh than a full max 2 as initially announced. Looks like a cartoony Castlevania, but plays like Mega Man, right down to sub-weapons. It makes handheld extremely comfortable for long gaming sessions. The fix came from an odd source enclosed in the zip file linked above and force loading the drivers in Windows after uninstalling the current drivers for the touchscreen on windows. My gpd win More posts you may like. 20K subscribers in the gpdwin community. I said it then, and I'll say it now. I know there is a google doc link with drivers from GPD’s website, but it seems to be an exe that installs all sorts of who knows what. At least the OP isn't alone, I guess. They both told me the customer service is atrocious, one of them sent the item back after 3 weeks of useless customer support who asked irrelevant questions. ie windows key + p and choose a mirrored or extended layout. For the specs, the IndyGoGo price I don't think is bad. Hello, it looks like you might be new here or have just bought a GPD Win. I actually thought this exact same thing and asked gpd about it. Edit: Btw the win max won't boot for like 15sec, after you press the power button, once you do this. Ethernet port ( even a space-saving style one ) Windows Hello face unlock. Win max 2 is such a beast and most windows games run just as good on windows as on steam os. WIN-MAX-OS-2004-20200618-EN-User with files, it states on an install guide i need to make a nfts usb stick, name it winpe, than add the folder P2-p2max-os-rs6 (i dl win max drivers, thats weird not p2, so obviously i havent got p2 files there) anyway i tried adding files to the usb stick in different variants with both rar, unpacked and named. The Phawx did an excellent job covering the ROG Ally and the refreshed GPD Win Max 2. FXsound does make the speakers sound great but I've found it causes major issues when trying to switch audio sources. net while using the intel version of WM2 fan noise for regular web browsing should something between 22. Plus the 7640U uses RDNA 3, which might help performance. There would need to be significant chipset efficiency improvements just for the Win 3 to match the Win Max under those conditions. It has 2 compartments, the big on has a sleeve the unit slides into and a strap locks it in place. GPD Win Max 2 - AMD 6800U How-To Overclock Or Static Clock The GPU FOR MAXIMUM PERFORMANCE. Win Max 2 and Razer Core x (3060 ti) problems (with 3060 ti) to GPD Win Max 2? Tried with preinstalled Win 11, with reinstalled fresh Win 11 and fresh Win 10. They tend to only promote one new Windows device at a time unlike AYAYNEO where they announced 3 handhelds simultaneously the other day. This latest model is a complete redesign of the first model …. GPD Win Max 2 (2023): First impression: Positively surprised :. I guess that would be the only reason I'd consider one is if it was anti-glare. The new Skull & Co grip case is a great improvement ! FINALLY, TODAY (!!!) is the launch of the Allymate grip and all associated bundles! Sorry for the delay, but I believe the …. Switch audio sources inside fxsound, get no sound. I did this and they still do not work for me. Any Win 4/Win Max 2 owners getting the Rog Ally. Its Gen4 too and very fast 5200 MB/s. Skin, CQC and FPS Thumb Grips Set Joystick Cap Analog Stick Cap for Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller - Black, 3 Pairs (6pcs) Company: Skull & Co. Win 3 will probably have even better performance and will probably have a screen resolution of 1280x880. From personal experience, the Win Max 2's ergonomics for gaming don't compare at all with a dedicated device like the Steam Deck, Aya Neo Air Pro, etc. Just remind one point, Win4 is a kind of pure gaming console, Win max 2 is all in one device. But do keep in mind that the shipping order is not completely by backer number. Like the ipega pg 9023/9083/9087. So I quickly put those together in fusion, keeps the palms cool and the flat bottom of the handle lets me rest the unit on my thighs, takes care of most of the weight. Better driver support, more performance, better performance/power ratios. The paid solution is to buy linear scaling from steam, set lower resolution and windowed on game, enable the tool and go back to the game. You guys really need to start putting a half decent DAC into. 2 Thunderbolt4/USB4, and Thanks Faust for his valuable time for the keyboard design. Aye, but in that review they had the Win Max 4800U on hand, and they were comparing it to the 1165 in the Win3 for all gaming benchmarks. Attention: reinstallnation will remove all data in drive C, please backup your …. Before installing Windows make sure you go to the GPD website and download the driver package. WIN Max uses Intel 11th Generation Core i7-1195G7 processor. Screen issues, keyboard issues and more. you can limit CPU max turbo boost to a much lower frequency on many games without noticing any difference because of gpu limitations especially on 30 fps limited games. At least Win 2 is what Win 1 wishes it could be. Also, it's my understanding that the win max 2 has a UHCII reader. At first I thought it was related with Windows updates but I've ruled. Look how easy it is to add white to the buttons with a tiny dab of white nail polish! Went to my local Best Buy to see if they had any open box models because they never answer their phones, and they don’t have any. Joystics travel is extremely short on Win Max 2, visually they only move to 60% of the hole made for them. Ordered on IGG (7840U 32G 2TB): …. There's gonna be a Win 4 and an the upcoming Win Max 2 is getting closer, so I'm thinking not. Go to Chipset > South Bridge > SB USB Configuration > USB1 Ports. it will be a bit better on the win 3 due to having slightly less latency (as the thunderbolt hardware is baked into the CPU, as opposed to being seperate on the Max) - this results in slightly better GPU performance on the Win 3, but it is by no means bad on. Amazon is going to be the best place to buy it from a safety perspective. 4) no “goggle face” rings or aching head/face muscles after prolonged use. The main issue here is that you need to patch the GPD Win Max's firmware using a script like the ones I made here in order to get really any linux distro working with the screen properly. Win Max 2 + leather case & pictures. Where to order a replacement. thanks for the comment, i tried but the display keeps blink and the tv (it's 4K) says no signal. Most of these hubs are not thunderbolt devices, and I’m pretty sure the same hub worked on my G14 (which has DP over USB. In the mean time, you can use the HDMI or usb 4. Some games on the Win 4 was a struggle where the Max 2 is very comfortable. Took a while to install it, and after finishing installation, everything looks just fine so far. I want to see games that struggled on the WIN 2 running on the WIN MAX. Came with GPD's trademark Synaptics worm and the 2 TB SSD is a BIWIN. The win max 2's speakers are about what I expect, in term of audio quality (which is adequate). Because most games now need to turn off full screen optimization so as not to distort the picture. Today we are going to review the GPD Win Max 2, and get a feel for what it's like to actually own the device. Leave the flash drive plugged into the computer and reboot. Before getting the grip, I was a little disappointed. Install drivers and whatnot, then wipe the 2tb and use it as storage. 1v1meonwiibowling • 10 days ago. I waited for it to cool thirty minutes and switched it on. Device: GPD Win Max 2, Win11 22H2, AMD Ryzen 6800U, 32GB RAM. Still though, it has so many features that I would like to use. Rumble/vibration Improved range of motion for thumbsticks. That's great, but it'll be even greater if. Plus the Win 4 is their focus now. 1GHz 30W TDP: GPU: Share on Facebook Share on Twitter Share on Pinterest Share on WhatsApp Share on WhatsApp Share on Reddit Share on Email. Please take some time to check out the GPD Win Wiki! The Wiki includes performance tips, troubleshooting guides, game suggestions, where to buy the GPD Win, and videos dedicated to helping you get started. A 3060 ti or a 3080/3080 ti would be the best cost efficient choice for performance for the egpu enclosure. I agree the Win Mini would be even better suited for 5G/4G than the Win 4 because it's geared more towards UMPC uses as well as gaming compared to the more gaming focused Win 4. Hi, i just recieved my Win Max 2 yesterday and i wanted to give a short review after a day. Get up to date with all your Windows Updates and be sure to get AMD Chipset drivers installed. The Win Max 2021 is the 1195 which is a little better than the 1165 as well. When waking Win Max 2 from suspend (S3), it seems that the GPU isn’t getting fully restored to its pre-suspend state and performance is severely degraded until the WM2 is rebooted. Please GPD, you are going to be charging $1000+ for this device, spend the extra $50-$75 for a high quality battery, an extra $40 on high quality cooling, an extra $2 on aluminum hinges, and an extra $30ish per unit for a competent computer tech to put together the MB and cooling correctly. Has anyone tested Uncharted Legacy of Thieves Collection on GPD Win …. For anyone who’s Win Max stops charging you can try resetting the BIOS by pushing the BIOS reset needle hole located between the USB-C and TB3 sockets. Under "Details" tab, if the dropdown has a "Problem status" option, first line says "STATUS_DEVICE_POWER_FAILURE". I installed fresh windows 11 and the drivers from GPD’s web site and still nothing. Known issues GPD Win Max 2021 (Intel) Deep sleep. 15, that fixes the issues of the analogue sticks snapping to the cardinal directions. Not sure if my experience is shared but my WIN 3 overheated once while playing The Division on medium settings; I'm talking hot to point of being unable to hold the device and shutting it down to prevent any damage. Steam deck 2 should also be close to being announced which is the reason I didn't buy one of these devices. The Win Max 1 and 2 don't seem like the take with you often kind of devices which I assume is the use case for these bags/pouches. But GPD Win Max is also bigger then GPD Win 2. 13 hours ago General GPD on HK Electronics Fair youtube. GPD Win Max 2 Review – Unboxing & Impressions. If I'm interpreting your comment correctly. I play with the win max either as a normal laptop (and the much improved keyboard layout on the max 2 is a big draw for me) or in handheld mode. The seller described it as when they were just browsing the web, the win max suddenly shut down. Almost no laptops come with an upgrade path in the future. 2 NVMe will technically work (NOT m. The 2020 (1035G7) is by no means unplayable in games, but often with dialing down settings to lowest and with low FPS too. I replaced the joysticks on mine which made a huge difference to the way the max feels. So if you trust it to be completely clean, then sure, no need to do a fresh install. 195 (codename Brewmaster), that anyone can download. Don't even need to press it, just brushing a q-tip on it was enough. Hello! Can someone enlighten me on the proper settings for Motion Assistant? I can only ever get it to work correctly on mouse mode, but on Xbox mode I seem to have no luck. My Win Max 2 wishlist (2022) Ryzen 7 6800U (RDNA2) or Ryzen 5 6600U (RDNA2). update grub args in the file: GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="usbcore. Sweet! That was one of the things I liked about the original steam controller - I had never used gyro aiming before that, and it was absolutely an improvement over aiming with an analog stick. The WM2 refresh also has much more storage potential (7TB …. Remove the 2tb drive, then install windows on the 2230 drive. Granted I think your silly to drop tdp to 18w and then be disappointed with perf. I've heard/seen people talking about preview drivers, but I can't seem to find. Under "Details" tab, if the dropdown has a "Power data" option, first 2 lines says "Current power state: D3". 2hz refresh rate (which is many, but not all applications that exhibit stutter). themiracy Win3, WM2, Mini 7840/32/2 • 10 mo. i bricked my gpd win max is there any way to unbrick my gpd win max? i unknowingly updated the bios and the program told me to restart then my gpd wont turn on. 2Hz refresh rate and it will minimize/remove the issue for all applications that uphold the 59. My goal was to kind of challenge and get to grips with the upcoming Steam Deck. However I now realised that I probably should have reformatted and reinstalled everything. Low TDP doesn't hurt graphics much, dropping it to 2500. Having a key for the drop down menu in Windows was. Nothing looks weird yet, but I'm pretty sure I'll find some. Charge light will go out for a sec. But if you want something bigger, with less noise on full load, don't care about being pocketable and/or are interested on a better eGPU solution (I'm talking. Loose hinge ( fixed by pushing/cleaning the machining where the screw in the hinge sits for proper placement and tightening down. Win Max 2 thermals and fan noise. The lowest spec Win Max 2 comes with 1TB SSD and still costs $50 cheaper! To upgrade the 512GB SSD to 1TB, it would cost an additional $100 assuming you use Gen 4 which I am sure the Win Max 2 is using, and you would need to buy a separate Guilikit controller for another $70, so that would bring the cost up. At that time there was some discount for which I was willing to ignore warranty. I've disabled sleep, have an app that …. I’m probably mostly going to leave mine around 18 watts, which is what I do on the win 3 and let the system power it down when needed, but it shouldn’t be hard. I already reached out to GPD but they dont sell replacement parts. I have a USB-C UHCII reader and UHCII cards and will be testing it when mine arrives. Well a cheap laptop or even a gpd win 1 would be better. I bought gpd win max 2 (2023 7840u 32gb) from guy for great price (553 $) but the battery connector is broken or melted (theory: it was . They really should have given the pocket 3 the max2021/win3's 4266mhz ram. Holding the device, it feels sturdy with a magnesium alloy chassis and plastic bottom to avoid heat when holding. Used Parsec to compare gaming and I prefer the larger screen. Starting at around the 4:40 mark, you'll see a shot of the device with the back cover removed. I purchased a win 3 for $350 near new with original everything and grip. Your hands stay cooler and it takes a lot of the weight off. GDP win 4 / GDP max 2 or Steam Deck? : r/diablo4. I fixed mine by opening my win max 2 back plate(Ya, warranty sticker GG) and saw the rear button contact point cable is not on the position it should be. win Max 2 colour : r/gpdwin. You can fit a 8TB double sided M. Takes a long time to get to BIOS right after, like a full minute. For gaming on the run win2 is better. But with the update that Dave2D covers it looks like the ALLY will be right along with the other 7840 cpu handhelds. Hei! I actually already ordered rog flow x13 with 6800hs and 3050Ti but shipping time took longer than expected and I had to change my country so cancelled. It was a last minute changed apparently. Is there anything else that can be put on the 4g side instead of a 4g module? Like another microsd slot or another ssd? Will the 4G module make it Call/SMS capable, or is it just for data?. It sucks this company makes such cool products but doesnt have a great track record with. My WM2 can charge from with every 20V PD charger I've tried it on - a cheap "27W" Aukey one (my tester. The RoG Ally is running the same iGPU as the 7840 Win Max 2, and a better iGPU than any other Win Max 2 variant. The Win Max 2 form factor is a better. I would take the HoloISO "testing" GPD said with a grain of salt just like their FreeSync "confirmed" claim. As you move through a world in a game, GPU memory (VRAM) constantly transfers textures, shaders and geometry via many small CPU to GPU transfers. My max is good enough and that money is going towards a steam deck. The GPD WIN Max 2's crowdfunding goal of $3 million was smashed last year by 5,655 backers who pledged just over $5. 1 pounds but at least you can get it service locally. Yesterday on the discord a GPD rep mentioned they had started mass production of IGG units, which would mean several hundred units per day. 5d) glass and now the original screen protectors don't fit as well. To add to the anecdotal experiences, I have a 2020 GPD Win Max and a 2021 GPD Win 3. But the great thing for the win max for my setup, was it has one thunderbolt port and one normal USB C that can be used for. It may be prudent to consider waiting, for better pricing and performance. Which one would you guys keep and which one would you sell off. Win Max 2 + 3080 ti Egpu support? : r/gpdwin. Dead Pixel Win Max 2 : r/gpdwin. It's empty because the Max is just reaching international users and not many users even know the list exists. EGPU for Win Max 2 : r/gpdwin. Win max 2 2023 - touchpad / keyboard issues. A few minutes later, moving the charging cable from one port to another switched to red indicator and it now reports having a battery. Virus Total identified the following files from GPD's tools for Win Max 2 as malicious. GPD Win Max is designed to work even in the absence of a battery altogether. The scenarios you're mentioning (blender / zbrush) are basically unaffected by thunderbolt overhead so I would advice you NOT to go with a M2 eGPU setup. Pretty much any micro sd from a real brand (sandisk, samsung etc) is fine these days. Some of the software that runs great on the GPD Win MAX. I tested with 4 cables (2 short ~20cm - do not know which was original added to Core x and 2 long cables ~2m. I am curious about getting the perk on Indiegogo and how likely the system will ship (USA) and also being the first revision, should I be worried about malware or the thumbpads falling off or into the unit as I. When I leave my Win 4 in the dock, it won't just stay powered and output to TV. I've also tried using the thunderbolt USB-C port and the normal USB-C port on the Win Max 2, they share the same issue. 0 port to do an external display while you hope to get some help from GPD. The win max 2 was supposed to bump the threshold of both scenarios…. Not sure what was causing the issue. They're laptops that happen to have an awkward controller embedded. I'm using it with Unity, Godot Engine, and Unreal Engine 5. I have a rule, if I go 6 months without using a electronic I sell it. level 1 dengjack · 10d There will always be something newer in the works, so it's really pointless to wait just because something better is coming. Hello all, I just got my GDP Win Max 2021 and so far I love it! However, I don't like having to go into the BIOS to change the TDP settings for when I am using it for browsing vs gaming. For drawing the go2 will be better. GPD Win MAX 2020 vs 2021 – Is it worth upgrading?. When I plug it in to charge, the LED indicator is green, which means it should be fully charged. Amount of ram shouldn't affect FPS in the majority of cases. Everything is working great, except for the touch screen. Decent 4G speeds but still slower than "modern" 4G devices. 3080s used right at the moment appear to be $600ish on eBay. I was able to resolve the issue by turning off the setting that allows windows to shut off the mouse to save power. Maybe one thing to consider is the repair process for this niche device. so i am very happy with this little machine - it is my daily driver (i only use it for gaming 1x per week). - I can't reinstall firmware cause even on boot it wont detect usb flash drive. Here with the exact same problem on my GPD Win Max 2, Razer Core X Chroma on Windows 11 2H22. Really enjoying my WinMax so far as well, and these features would make things a tiny bit easier to use the unit overall! I agree. Running new nreal air dated 10. I tried the 10 second hold, 20 second hold, hold then pause then hold again, pressing the reset button with a pin, nothing. I know the 2020 win max has a little more of a performance hit though. Keyboard scissor switch mechanism and membranes feel nice and tactile (minus caps). The motherboard by itself really should be priced at least $100 lower for this upgrade to make sense. But the keyboard from the gpd win max is not very comfortable and the one at the gpd win 4 (next …. Yet I'm experiencing a display issue approx. I would recommend either to anyone, without reservations. I just got my Win Max (in the UK, low 2000's backer number) and I noticed two things straight away, firstly that the RAM is running at 3200 not the advertised speed of 3733mhz. With it supposedly costing around $700, it's possibly cheaper then buying a dock and desktop GPU (G1 is using an AMD RADEON RX 7600M XT mobile graphics card). A community dedicated to the GPD Win line-up of small form factor, Windows 10 devices! Advertisement Coins. ThePfhor • IGG / Win Max 2 7840U • 1 mo. 9GHz 30W TDP: AMD Ryzen 7 7840U 8C, 16T @ 5. I have the win max for months now. I’m having trouble having big hands comfortably using the win 3. Please send email with picture to kendyz@gpd. It'll be fine for a few hours, but the next time I use it the cursor will move all over the place, register single taps as double taps, etc. ) Check bios version to make sure its up to date (Only update if necessary. RSR has nothing to do with integer scaling. I want to get myself a win max 2 or the new win mini but the horror story I. Win Max 2 drivers unavailable Can somebody who successfully downloaded the GPD driver pack from their website reupload them to a competent host like the Internet Archive? GPD's Google Drive (wtf) account has exhausted its bandwidth …. WIN 2 is outdated, as it was released two years ago. Ah, that would be a powerful addition to The Power Control Panel! Something with an adjustable curve like MSI Afterburner has for GPU fans would be amazing, and would really help tailor fan curves to different power profiles. Everywhere I looked the Win Max was praised and GPD was mentioned as having long-term experience in the field. Deck is only significantly cheaper on the very low end. Thermal Design:Active Cooling Method, Dual Fan, Dual Heat Pipe. As of right now the program only works on your GPU and only for regular games. So I managed to snag an 8100-y model for a good price. They both told me the customer service is atrocious, one of them. It seems to be related to windows "modern standby. I'm thinking about getting device to as a portable handheld gaming system that can act as backup laptop. 1" 2560x1600 original landscape but size similar as initial Win Max. If you want to push it to max performance, ditch AutoTDP & set the power to the 32W maximum in the BIOS. I have internet, but there are certain functions that I cannot do. It is a PCIE Gen 3 x 2 device, so it won't be the fastest thing in the universe. But having a dedicated port in the WM3 would be cool. The audio quality on mine doesn’t need fixing. Hey everybody -- I made a video showing how to use ThrottleStop to undervolt/change TDP if you'd prefer it over Quick CPU and some tricks there, talk about some benchmarks and ways I've gotten better performance (such as turning Turbo …. They said on the Indiegogo that they couldn't get any 2TB Biwin quickly enough so they had to spend more money to buy the 2TB WD Black. Miyoo Mini's battery capacity up! From 2000mAh to 3200mAh! That's more than the Miyoo Mini Plus! LOL! 12 hours of continuous video playback from a full charge #MiyooMini. I have had many GPD devices up to the Win Max 2021, and several One Netbook, and Aya handhelds as well. That's why I said if money is important, just go with the 16gb. I probably go max 2 because win 4 isnt much more portable. After doing so it worked fine with REwasd. It won't enter exclusive fullscreen, but. The issue is when I connect the thunderbolt cable to the GPD Win Max 2 it will turn on for a few seconds ((lights and fans on the 3060 Ti turn on and spin)) but then promptly stop. GPD should announce GPD WIN 3 in February give or take a month. It makes it easier to hold for long gaming sessions if your like me. Press F4 to Save & Exit, then confirm. GPD Win Max 2021 worth it for its price? : gpdwin. so i’ve had off and on issues with tpm on my 2020 win max. For example (and this is really just an example), backer #100 located in the US might get it sooner than backer #2 located in Australia. Consider getting a grip for the GPD Win Max 2. I honestly wasn't all that excited for this since the ROG Ally seemed to be such a bargain. comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. I hope you'll finally receive it. It semi-randomly turns it on and off, especially if the selector is on the gamepad mode. Alternatively I left mine default tdp and limited the CPU to 3800mhz, GPU 1400, EPP to 70% and made sure windows settings are max performance for gpu and device. Steps: Test if windows is running (change the switch on the side and listen for the USB disconnection sound) Open cmd (Windows Key + R, type 'cmd', enter) Type: 'bcdedit /set safeboot Minimal' and press enter. hk/gpdwinmax2techspecs Thoughts? Worth the upgrade over the 6800U? The dedicated oculink port is very . 22 firware solved this issue for my win max 2. The Win Max makes definitely makes more sense for productivity with the keyboard and a (slightly) larger screen. I have both a Win Max 2 (WM2) and ROG Flow X13 (5800hs model + 3050ti). To be honest, this one feels like a generic 10 to 15 dollars case. So, owner can say goodbye to Win Max 2 for at least six months now, and even after that he will be. GPD Win Max 2 ABS Base – Featuring two additional controller buttons, 4G LTE slot and 2230 NVMe SSD slot. Still could be better but a very large step in the right direction. I also deleted the mouse device from the device manager and ran a Scan for Hardware Changes. Not sure why the win max 2 be different. On the GPD website they have a Windows, drivers and bio combination installer. Does anyone have a working image?. I returned my Win Max 2020 back in the day for the following reasons: I have the GPD Win 2 which is a great device, but driver issues (Intel) ruin the experience far too often. Whenever I see people take photos in public places, I always wonder what part of the Internet my face will show up in. Keyboard scissor switch mechanism and …. People like WIN MAX 2 because it's a regular laptop shape but gaming concept built in. I'd like to make this a central resource for stuff you should do after formatting your GPD Win MAX 2. cardgamechampion Win1 4-2017 Aluminim OG Battery / 9-2018 Win 2 / Win Max 2021 • Additional comment actions That'll probably be me in a year, just got the WM1 (got it because I wanted it new before they all go out of stock and because I wanted the ethernet port and it's powerful enough for me, and I wanted it for a trip and wanted a stable. 25a charger is the minimum of …. The Win MAX has a standard QWERTY chiclet-style full keyboard layout with backlight. 005KG, a deal heavier than the Steam Deck’s 670g. A friend of mine received a Win Max 2 recently from DroiX. Anyone know where to find this firmware update? I can't find it on GPD's website. The boards are the two dark squares that you can see on either side of the cooling fan assembly. The #4 key would press at the slightest touch. Jumper EZbook 3 Plus) retails for around £350 ($500) and a known brand (e. It’s nice to see this as a hypothetical usage, but practically. Nice I thought it was ssd or 4g, good to see you can do both. Only alternative is to long press the power button to power off, which will actually cause the system to hibernate instead of a straight power off. So I reinstalled win11 on the winmax 2 and now when I try to use the power control panel it just says VCRUNTIME140. 3D printed Win Max dock is complete! Design features: -Holes for the Max’s feet -Large ventilation hole for cooling system -Built in QGeeM usb hub underneath with Pd pass through -Dual usb c cable holder for both Tb3 and the usb c hub -Slot for usb c cable holder on underside of dock -recesses for shoulder buttons to prevent unintentional. Thanks for all your help! Some background: In 2022 July I took part in win max 2 campaign on indiegogo. The screen quality of win 3 is good. I know about that but I want to increase the fan speed sometimes the place were the buttons are can get warm and it makes. First batch has tons of issues, especially with a screen. With the help of 10nm processing technology, this CPU has a transistor density of 100MTr / mm², double that of a cup using the 14nm process. Since games are dynamic on GPU/CPU usage, that likely won't be good all the time. It fits all dimensions perfectly, you just drop the win max in and it doesn't budge. waspbr • Additional comment actions. Here's a video showing the issue. I saw online that someone was selling a 2020 Win Max which wouldn't turn on as of a couple of weeks ago for the equivalent of about 140USD, I thought that was kind of reasonable for the risk involved, so I got it. With the Win 3, you would most definitely need to be connected to an external mouse, keyboard and monitor if you want to be. The speed tests I've been able to find shows the Win Max 2's speeds are very slow compared to modern 4G modems. You can now put some settings to medium or high, and with acceptable to great FPS. View community ranking In the Top 20% of largest communities on Reddit. 16gb for any device is usually the minimum you want. See below for pictures in a moment. The Win Max will be more than enough for your needs. I've had the Win Max 2 for six months now, figured I'd give an update since long term owners are usually not very . I mean the right Alt key plus the backslash key as it exists on the physical keyboard (right above the enter key) edit: when you say you use a UK. Multi-threaded: Up to 22% faster. GPD Win Max Battery started swelling. The P2 Max is great for browsing, presentations and other light stuff but it's no wonder machine, especially today. Seems more than adequate for what I do. Here's a sneak peek of r/WindowsOnDeck using the top posts of all time! #1: Windows On Deck FAQ (Aims to be Constantly Updated) #2: Here's how to restore SteamOS boot entry after installing SteamOS 3. Hitting Fn+F6 doesnt always turn on the backlit keyboard, and even when it does, its buggy. Downloaded the right driver package from the gpd website. Hi, I have an issue with my touchpad for my win Max 1. You can even get fancy and do. I used 800p, high quality, 25 watt tdp with 30 watt turbo. Many issues already solved, the 6800U GPD WIN MAX 2 on SteamOS. PassMark PCMark 3DMark GPD Win MAX Gaming Benchmarks Forza Horizon 4 Street Fighter V Final Fantasy XIV Summary GPD Win MAX 2020 vs 2021 Video GPD Win MAX 2020 vs 2021 Technical Specifications Let's first take a very brief look at the technical specs of both Windows handheld models. 2 of my buddies got the GPD Win Max 2 and after 1-2 months, started to have issues at the hardware level (some ports no longer working, controller drifting, some keys not responding). It's higher resolution, but that's less interesting. I had a similar issue, there was a setting on the TV that I had to turn off, and then it worked fine. Phasing is fine, so that's good. I don't know whether that is recent enough, but my Win Max 2 from AliExpress was shipped on the 2nd of December and had a 2TB WD SN770. Steam OS is the future for devices like this. I had a similar issue with the GPD win too and my fix for that was to install an older driver for the GamePad. I don’t have any problems with the triggers. New Win Max 2 owner - SD Card issue. My Win Max 2 decided not to power on this morning. At the moment, most devices uses 16gb of ram as the standard. Pretty incredible how much actual screen real estate matters. Backup your data at least in one SD-card or Flash drive. I'm thinking of selling my win 3 to get a win 4, a max 2, or an aya slide. So I'm likely gonna sell my current Max 2 to upgrade if Asus doesn't get the. Absolutely get the 32GB of ram. GPD Win 3 vs Win Max : r/gpdwin. Motherboard will be packed in antistatic bag, box fit with good quakeproof stuff. You need the ViGEm drivers and then VDX software so xinput can emulate a daulshock 4. A community dedicated to the GPD Win line of UMPC's! Fully featured compact Windows devices for playing games. They are like 80-100 dollars and seem very competitive playing retro. Sporting my Win MAX 2 at the airport. ( I also have 5 other GPD devices that have had no hardware issues. GPD will likely start officially teasing the Win 4 around the end of the Max 2 Indiegogo. Their Loki Mini is $299 and may end up as fast, or possibly faster, than the Win 3. Win Max 2 vs Steam Deck : r/gpdwin. Gotcha, yeah the glare thing I can understand. Hey all, I stumbled upon this device (win max 2) from the recent LTT video and it definitely greatly piqued my interest as someone who spends long hours on planes and airports as well as someone wanting to spend time away from their desk at night. More people on the market for a handheld PC means more customers all around. To think I was excited about a ryzen win max but not now. A healthy Win Max at the "nominal" TDP setting should score around 2800 graphics and 9600 physics. It's hard, not like a plastic, but a very hard fabric if that makes sense. Reddit iOS Reddit Android Rereddit Best Communities Communities About Reddit Blog Careers Press. Current owners: overall experience with Win Max 2?. This creates a very impressive performance boost in. The Gpd Win Max have a 800p screen. The good: Battery time on 5W is stellar (shows 10+ hours, can get 8 easily), althogh it did hang one time (from lack of juice, I presume) Performance is what you'd expect. To upgrade the 512GB SSD to 1TB, it would cost an additional $100 assuming you use Gen 4 which I am sure the Win Max 2 is using, and you would need to buy a separate Guilikit controller for another $70, so that would bring the cost up to $1,450 for the Acer vs $1,050 for the GPD Win Max 2. If you have 32GB RAM, allocate 8GB for video textures in the BIOS. It's supposedly a little bigger than the Win 3 though. The MicroPC has a portrait screen like the Win Max but displays the BIOS Interface in landscape. For reference, one mix 3s (slower device) comes with 8. I want to try and reinstall the touchpad drivers, which I downloaded the driver package. Win Max 2 - Strange windows boot issue. But, 20V is a hard requirement for the Win Max 2, and you probably want at least 3A (60W) to operate correctly. The official case that they sell on their Aliexpress store is overpriced for what it is. By the time this comes out, I'll probably upgrade or wait a little more until the AMD revision. Some people have made modded win2 cases that. Easy to observe using mangohud - reported GPU % and power will drop to zero and game …. Surface go 2 vs GPD Win 2 : r/gpdwin. This way your overlay is Virtual Desktop, which. I got my Win Max (love it) and immediately did a complete wipe and fresh install of Windows. WIN Max 2 2023 comes with an improved PC-grade cooling system with a large turbo fan + dual heat pipes, which boasts high volume side air. I thought that since the Win Max 2 was released 6 months ago, these types of issues would be ironed out, but apparently not : (. with its high quality display and high resolution. Run it and set resolution to like 1280x800. I really want GPD to come up with a mini workstation laptop design with an OLED or mini LED panel limited to HD resolution only. Servicing Win Max 1 is anal compared to Win Max 2, aside the tiny screws which are easy to lose, the chassis requires an additional guitar prick to pry loose the little plastic tabs which hold the bottom chassis. In addition to running the driver batch file from the GPD Win driver pack, I've installed the GPD provided "firmware" (Windows re-install) and a clean Windows 10 install with all updates and then running the GPD Driver pack batch …. For those new to the retro gaming scene, especially those with RG35XX as their first device, beautify your 3D PS1 games. GPD Win Max is borned to be your perfect handheld Game console for AAA games. GPD WIN MAX 2 Continually Inputs 9, Mousepad. Hello ! Happy owner of a GPD Win Max 2, until I updated kernel '^_^. I want to see if it's a design flaw on gpd's. 0:00 / 14:28 GPD WIN MAX 2 2023 Review: High-performance AMD Ryzen 7 7840U With 780M Graphics AAA handheld gaming 15,321 views The 2023 refresh of the awesome GPD WIN MAX 2 is here with. Dude, download rewasd and use the ps4 remote play remapping to set touchpad to f. I had a similar issue with a 2020 Win Max I picked up second hand, knowing it wasn't turning on, for 140USD approx. Anyone know what do these options mean in GPD Win Max 2 BIOS settings? That looks like the Memory allocation to the iGPU. The only place where the WM2 wins out is the. Maybe someone will do an IGG campaign for a case with a power button and heatsink/fan and any other non-standard components necessary to turn the old motherboard into a small NUC-like desktop PC. One example is a regular on the GPD Reddit forum who just needs a ribbon cable to the LCD and has been OOL for months. Three drawbacks and advantages of the Win Max that GPD doesn't tell you about The permanent Wi-Fi 5, tiny joysticks, lack of FreeSync, and noticeable ghosting …. They seem very nice, especially the small dead zone. 3 comments Best Top New Controversial Q&A. If it can run on the WIN 2 with stock settings, it'll run on the WIN MAX. Is it a handheld? If you're looking for a DS, this isn't it. While everything seems to be working fine and I just updated the drivers from the recent AMD official drivers update, I have a few questions for the community. It's possible future silent revisions will fix the issue if it ends up being a hardware problem but existing users may be abandoned. As yes, the screen is native landscape. The reason they stick is the deadzone which is per axis, so the dead zone area is not a circle, it's like a + sign. Leave it opened that way and power on the GPD win max using only live power. GPD WIN MAX 2 2023 Review : r/DroiX. I did a quick google and saw that GPD have lowered the speed to 3200 due to stability issues. This time, let Windows 10 boot. A TPM chip is designed to create cryptographic keys with a random number generator and securely store them. A 6800u has a more powerful gpu and cpu than 11th gen Intel. Assuming they don't have more QC issues, I think we'll start seeing them ship next week. WIN Max 2021 IGG date: 10:00 AM 30th Jul BeiJing Time 7:00 PM 29th Jul Pacific daylight time Total 45 days. They might do a refresh instead, like a Win Max 2 refresh or a Win 4 refresh. I thought the Z1 Extreme was basically a specialized 7840U for handhelds, where it might have been optimized, but it seems that it lags way behind quite a few times. I think some GPD devices had issues of not being able to boot over outlet power without a battery installed. That means you are paying $400 MORE for a heavier. I am an idiot and forgot the Max. I wouldn't expect the Max 2 to have an upgrade path. Unless GPD got some kind of deal they may need to bump the price slightly (I'd say maybe $50 or so) on the final retail. Whenever I end up getting mine I'll try and let you know my total system draw. Should I buy a GPD Win Max 2021 at this time? : gpdwin. Has anyone tried SteamOS on the GPD Win 3 / Max? How is it, if. Even at 25 FPS, the game is unplayable due to everything happening in slow motion. Change Boot Option #2 - #5 to Disabled. Thanks u/maniacdc ! GPD Win can't detect some of the Wi-Fi networks (in Europe) By default GPD Win has disabled WiFi channels 12 and 13. I was quite happy with the original 2020 Max and decided to wait past the Win 3 and 2021 revisions. (I don't know exactly how huge power diffrence between them) If we only consider about. Hell I'm on the Steam Deck reddit and in a bunch of those facebook groups and I done seem plenty of people have all sorts of issues with their steamdeck. So, I have had a gpd win 3 and win max 2020 and 2021 all of them were pretty nice but i ended up selling the 3 and win max after a while to . Let others know so that they can fill it. I sent the dump to the workshop and they did the flashing of the bios. Anyone else uses Win Max 2 for work rather gaming? If so. This is still a problem in the win max 2 (2023). The win max 2 offers additional use cases for me but the form factor was a concern. Aside from the CPU, the GPD WIN Max 2 will come with either 16GB or 32GB of LPDDR5 RAM, supporting up to 5200 MT/s on the Intel model or 6400 MT/s on AMD. 9 Windows: Balanced Single-thread: 521. Reddit · Reddit · r/gpdwin icon r/gpdwin · Premium. The driver issues are no longer closing Destiny 2 at the title screen. Just go into Device manager, install the drivers for each unknown device (just point it at the root of the extracted driver pack and let it scan), and then go grab the latest AMD Ryzen 7 6800U drivers direct from AMD. I see that the Acer laptop is a beast and heavy at 5. So when I got the 2020 Max I was very dissatisfied because there was more power in theory, but often I could not use it. please give me a solution comments sorted by Best Top New Controversial Q&A Add a Comment. Only upgrade option would be a pcie 4. 7" is a gaming tablet, which is a different experience. A check list of things to check on a new device Credits to SuperSexySoapTurtle#6606 on discord. Attempted a fresh install of Windows 10, and I'm showing all drivers installed. GPD win max 2 RAM upgradable? : r/gpdwin. There is 4x the pixel count from 720p to 1080p so you need 4x the performance at the same frame rate. First impression of the GPD Win Max 2 7840U. com/r/DroiX/ TikTok - https Ryzen 7840U GPD Win Max 2 First Look, All New Hand-Held With The . Finally, GPD Win Max 2 2023 version POP SKIN has been updated. Later, it was able to start again. Try to switch maximum RAM speed in bios to 5500 instead of 6400. Now with the indiegogo units out and retail. What am I missing? Why would it suddenly shit itself for no apparent reason? o. 45W TDP, GPD WIN 4 6800U Test Dead Space Remastered ALL. The Win Max 2020 has stock settings, no undervolts, always run the PC games like Destiny 2 to the highest setting the Max can go, hooked up to my TV via HDMI, and always plugged in 24/7. The GPD device is using much faster RAM than the other companies and was pretty far ahead of the ALLY. Yeah, my experience has been that the Max 2 is more picky about chargers then previous GPD devices. And the 7840U Win Max 2 being the clear winner in terms of raw performance. I would like to share with the community a nice EGPU configuration for Win max 2021 win 11 1195g7 BIOS 1. A fresh install (assuming wipe and reload, not install-over-existing OS) wipes everything except default windows apps, like mspaint and notepad and shit. Win Max 2 is 32GB + 2TB SSD + ~1TB of SD cards. For me, the Win Max 2 refresh is going to be my ONLY PC. Replacement parts availability is a large deciding factor in purchasing GPD devices.