2019 F550 Rear Axle Nut Torque

2019 F550 Rear Axle Nut TorqueJust replaced the back wheel bearings on both sides. Rear axle torque specs needed. 7 liter Diesel Engine Essential Bolt Tightening Torques. Most of this is explained in other sections of this page and can be followed based on them. When do you need this information? Whether you are changing a flat tire, you are swapping a wheel, or any type of work . The first table contains the most-used torque settings. Products include ring and pinion sets, installation kits and axle shafts for GM, Ford, Chrysler, Jeep, and Toyota vehicles. Torque specs are rarely actually needed if you aren’t opening up a motor. Page 230 Roadside Emergencies 17. I had to remove the rotors to get them turned so I needed to pull the bearings. WARNING: Do not mix spindle nuts and lock washers from different systems. ASPIRE ALL / BASE/SE 1994 – 1997 85 ft-lbs. Torque specs on 2006 F450 pinion nut on rear differential. Steinjager® Rear Axle Shaft Seal. Are they torque to yield, or can they be re-used. I'm going to order a set of those Dorman vacuum-less actuators. QU20868 Left Side 41 Spline Rear Axle Shaft for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty …. 26235 Views 6 Replies 4 Participants Last post by flstffxe , May 30, 2014. 0 lbf-ft) Rear axle nut tightening torque:100 N·m (10. This item: OTC 6601 Rear Axle Nut Wrench for Ford. I don't think there is a torque spec for the inner, just set it like the front wheel bearings on a 4x4, but the outer should be around 45-50ft/lbs, then bend the tab over to lock it. I seen it has the nut that you tighten to spec and back off so many . We strongly recommend checking your Ford Owner's Manual for accurate information when looking for the wheel lug nut torque specs. "Tighten the hub nut, rotating the rear hub occasionally while tightening. Postby casperfun » Fri Apr 16, 2021 2:14 pm. 2013 Cadillac CTS-V - Tune, AirAid Cold Air Intake, Lingenfelter 160* Thermostat, Fasterproms 1. NOTE: Torque the axle shaft bolts in a cross pattern. I may not be a Doctor, but I know how to operate! The manual says 140 ft-lbs, but the nut is kinda “sticky”. What if I were to only torque my axle nut to 150 lbs when it. Huntindog 2018 Outlander 650 (mine)XT 2004 Arctic Cat 650 V2(Mine) 2004 Arctic Cat 650 V2 (wifes) Save. said: I used a 3/4" drive monster torque wrench with a 3/4" to 1/2"adaptor and 30MM socket. i am looking to find the torque specs for the front spindles on a 95' f-150 4wd with manual locking hubs. But it was a stronger, beefier axle than the Dana 60 that came on the F-350 DRW 4x4s, which was rated 5,200 pounds @ground. Borg-Warner 44-06 Overhaul transfer case, Maximum torque: Drive/Axle shaft: Rear drive shaft to Rear output case yoke nut: 11: 8: Minimum torque: 4WD; Drive/Axle shaft: Rear drive shaft to Rear output case yoke nut: 20: 15: Maximum torque: 4WD; Drive/Axle shaft: Rear drive shaft to Transfer case: 88: 65: Year 1996, Minimum torque: Drive/Axle. 65 ft-lbs is the best rear axle torque ever. Ford F550 Super Duty Wheel Lock Key / Locking Lug Nuts. To clarify for those reading, the front axle nut takes a 36mm socket but the rear axle nut takes a 32mm socket. 99 per vehicle 1-year subscription $39. There is simply no good reason not to. Chevrolet Axle Nut Torque Specifications — Ricks Free Auto …. ? on rear axle nut torque. One of them says to have some one else spin the rotor while I tighten the nut to 70 ft lbs, back it off 90 degrees and re …. lb range, with similar nut size. Do not use an impact gun to install the axle nut. 5L, 2WD Torque Specs for front. We use nuts that are in inch sizes and we torque them based on the table from the SKF catalog. Reply Like 04-12-2018, 03:55 AM. It appears to me that really, only the tension ramps changed, plus the flat on the axle to avoid mixing the parts, then they went up to 135-145 ftlbs of torque. I've been through my owners manual 18 times and while the writer dances around it, (telling me the tightening sequence), I cannot for the life of me find the actual lug nut torque specs. Vocational, Technical or Tra 1,707 satisfied customers. View, print and download for free: wheel bolt torque - FORD F-550 2019 Owners Manual, 666 Pages, PDF Size: 13. Does anybody happen to have access to torque spec for the axle nut? I've seen anywhere from 135 to 203 ftlb. Using Spanner Locknut Wrench special tool, tighten adjusting nut to 60 ft-lbs/82 Nm. Then slightly decrease torque as necessary to line-up the cotter-pin hole. Author: 1A Auto Created Date: 8/17/2017 10:13:47 AM. Hey everyone, Just wondering if anyone has rotated their tires at home instead of taking it in to the dealer. Today my mechanic (a Yamaha specialist) spotted that the tire shop over tightened the real axle nut on my 2019 MT-09. Camaro w/ RT2 Silver Tint on Seat Wheel Nut 2013-12 140 Camaro w/ RT2 Blue Tint on Seat Wheel Nut 2013-12 110 Camaro w/o RT2 2013-12 122 Caprice PPV 2013-11 140 Charger (Police) 2012 140 Corvette, Cruze, Impala w/steel wheels 2013-11 100 Epica 2006-04 79 Geo Metro, Metro 2001-90 45 Geo Prizm, Prizm 2002-90 76 Geo Storm 1993-90 86 Impala. A spindle or axle nut secures your hub to your spindle or axle. Wheel Bearing/Hub Bearing and Lug Nut Torque Specs According to the service manual 229 Ft. The center hub that is visible when the chrome hubcap is removed. CAUTION: The hub bearings must be prelubed prior to installation. We are available to help Monday thru Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM Pacific Standard Time, and most orders placed by 4 PM ship out the SAME DAY! Differential, Gear and Axle Parts for the Dana M300 found in 2017+ DRW Ford F350, F450 and F550 Trucks. 25 rear hubs 65 and 5 clicks back is it. 140 but Check your owners manual. I've got SVT disc brakes on the rear if that makes a difference. Install the nut and tighten to the new specification. Pull off the wheels, brake caliper and bracket. F150 Stabilizer End Link Nuts Torque Specs : 75 ft-lbs The rear leaf spring on an F150 consists of a series of leaves that are bolted to the vehicles frame and axle. The stabilizer bar has both bracket bolts and endlink bolts. 355spyder is correct in that the U-bolts cannot be reused because they are torque to yield fasteners. Torque for lug nuts on my Cobra Factory Five …. Aloca and Accuride Aluminum 10 Lug Rims. F 550 rear hub torque specs?. Check engine light came on a few days …. I replaced a bad leaking rear axle seal. 457377 2018 Torque specification guide Front & rear axle nut, hub mount and lug nut torque specifications for FWD, RWD & 4WD vehicles. I wonder if the material in the axle was changed to …. Shock Upper Nut Torque Spec: 66 ft-lbs: Shock Lower Nut Torque Spec: 66 ft-lbs: Leaf Spring Bolts Torque Spec:. Description (lb/ft) Disc brake caliper pin bolts — Excursion, F-250/F-350 with Ford and Dana axle = 27. Anyone know why? I'm looking for torque specs for the front sprocket nut and the rear sprocket nuts. Stage 2: Tighten in a cross pattern to 70 Nm (52 lb-ft). I just did the rear brakes (rotors pads etc) and the rear axle seals. Disc brake caliper pin bolt 42. The CC axles have a SPL-55 end yoke, while the PU versions have a circular flange driveline attachment. Looking for front axle nut torque and pinch bolt torque values. I see in your sig that your truck is a dually, so there is a difference in the bearing adjustment, most everything else is identical. This is a 2001 Winnebago Adventurer on a Ford chassis. Match-mark the pinion and nut, remove and replace seal (lube the lip of the seal) being sure to silicone the splines and loctite the threads before reassembly. Powerbuilt Spindle Nut Socket, 4 Lug, 2-3/4-inch Outer, Ford, Easy Removal of Spindle Nuts, 2WD Rear Axles, Rotating Locknut - 648476. I thought that was too loose but that is what the book states. Steer axle hub wheel seal leaking. Taurus Front Axle Nut Torque Spec : 258 ft-lbs Taurus Front Wheel Hub Bolts Torque Spec : 98 ft-lbs. I am putting new pads on my 1999 F-250 SuperDuty pick-up and was wondering if anyone knows the correct torque for the wheel bearings. With everything back in place and tight you can install your tire and torque your lugnuts to 95 ft-lbs. The old style dually wheels with stud pilot and tapered nuts needed higher torque. And then the axle nut can be torqued to 225 ft-lbs. F250 Rear Pinion Nut Torque?. May 08, 2019 • Ford Cars & Trucks. Flange nuts must be kept tight, and studs and nuts should be checked frequently. mgrotel Lifetime Premium Discussion starter · #3 · Aug 9, 2017. That way all you have to do is tighten the 3 to 4 locating bolts. 5 lbf-ft) Custom signature Reply. To adjust the bearings, tighten the nut to 70 ft. 5 inches from the center of the nut. Dino I'm putting the axles back in my 40,000 lb Rears. The worst thing you can do is drop a spacer and ride. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty - Removing rear hubs on Dana 135 - Hey all. One side was perfect tightness with the spindle lock nut and key slot lined up. Install tires and wheels and torque lug nuts to wheel. One of the leading causes of premature hub …. The F450 PICKUP still has a higher GCVWR than the F550 with the max tow pkg. When tightening these nuts back up be sure to tighten them to 22 ft-lbs. Steer axle hub wheel seal leaking JA: Im sorry to hear that, our truck Mechanic will be able to assist you with your steer axle hub wheel seal leaking … read more. 04 mm, tighten 1/8 of a turn, wiggle the hub and measure movement, repeat until you are close. Rear Driveshaft Retention Bolt Torque. 2019 - 2023 Ranger; I have a f550 2012 im trying to find torque specs rear brakes for a dually. Hi all, could anybody let me know the torque settings forFront …. Also need rear axle nut torque values. Axle retaining nut torque spec is 55 to 60ft lbs. They cost something like 5 or 7 dollars each they only come from Ford. Almost done - rear axle nut torque. Rotate the disc counterclockwise 5 rotations and then recheck the torque. 4 kgf-m, 140 ft-lb) Rear axle 186 N·m (19 kgf-m, 137 ft-lb) See less See. I can't find the definative torque spec for the axle nut that attaches the bearing to the axle. • Do not operate the vehicle if the power steering …. F40Model Year: 2019 + F32 / F33Model Year: 2013 - 2019. Need some torque specs please for rear hub. tighten it to 140 in one smooth motion. Sponsored by: Spindle nut torque (2WD models) Rear Axle Weight Rating. Align the steering knuckle cam and torque the bolt to 85 ft. Re-use Of Original/Used Spring U-Bolts Is Not Recommended Due To Fatigue and Stretching When. Rear Wheel bearing torque procedure. lbs on the axle nut isn't hard but it just does not feel right. if they are internal seals (self contained) they do turn a little stiff when new. In the absence of a factory service manual, here are the specs: Front axle - 47 lb-ft (64 N-m) Front Pinch - 17 lb-ft (23 N-m) Rear …. What in the tightening procedure to installing a rear axle hub on an. MINIkiter said: For the F55/56/57, One, Cooper, or S, petrol or diesel: Driveshaft bolt (the single bolt holding the hub assembly onto the driveshaft end): 210Nm which is 155lbf ft and then a further 90 degrees. Applications: Ford Used The Dana 70 And Dana 70HD Axles In F-350 Trucks Up To 1985. Advanced Search Cancel Login / Join. Install the adjusting nut lock key into the keyway in the axle housing. When you torque your rear axle, you ARE torquing the whole thing, NOT just one side. View Profile 2019 Bimmerforums. Comes with one retaining ring and two o-rings: one for testing and one for final installation Direct replacement for a proper fit. See attached photo of page 118. Welcome to Torque King 4x4! 7727 South Leopard Ave Billings, MT 59106 United States of America 2017-up Ford F250-F550 Rear Axle; 2017-up F350, F450, F550 DRW Dana M300 Rear Axle; QU20826 Differential Pinion Shaft 6 Point Nut for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty F250, F350, F450 with Dana M275 or Dana M300 rear axles. All specs should be the same for the 1957 model: 17. 160ft Lb - 190ft Lb 190nm 2019. 2003 TW200 "Betty Boop" 2006 TW200 "Nibbler", a. Putting the proper torque on the center nut sets the preload for the bearing and keeps the bearing from separating while in operation. in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. We may earn a commission for products purchased through links on this page. Continue to crank the nut an additional 60 degrees once it has been tightened to specification. To properly tighten your wheel nuts to the manufacturer's recommended specs - 165 Ft-Lbs (224 N·m) - you. That way, 75'lbs is right in the middle and it should be about perfect for your axle torque. With the axle and lower control arm back in place you can reassemble the braking system and reinstall the wheel. These figures are for the standard 10. And the front axle nut says to tighten to 66 lbs. I have a 1/2" drive torque wrench that will only go up to 300 Ft. Need Axle Nut Torque Spec(s)?. Ford Rear Axle Nut Wrench ; Applications · 2003-newer Ford F-250, F-350, and F-450 Super-Duty trucks with 10-1/2 inch rear axle. After chain adjustment I noticed manual says 94 torque. This week, Doc discusses rear axel wear, replacement and new rear axel torque values. I've flushed the brake system and bled it 3 times (old school way), adjusted the e. For the front axle, insert the axle and hand tighten the axle nut on the left side. 2020 Sportsman 850 2019 Sportsman 570 1995 Magnum 425. Jointing torque and angle of rotation must be observed without fail. Here are the specs you're looking for: • Font axle to hub nut torque 185 ft-lbs. changed diff fluid at 300 miles, 800 miles, 1000 miles all because the rear end was almost hot enough to boil an egg with little to no noise. Ford f250 Steering Box Main Nut Torque Spec : Now you will have access to the wheel hub bolts from the rear of the part. Wheel lug nut torque is in the maintenance manual that comes with the car and can be downloaded online. I've seen everything from 28 lb, 221 lb, 298 lb This is one id like to get right so i dont tear up the bearing / CV joint. Hey Ron we are working on a 2017 Ford F4 50 super duty 6. Put the wheel on and torque the lug nuts to 140 lb-ft then (after the lug nuts are tight) torque the axle bolts to 70-85 lb-ft. Do You Need a Torque Wrench for Axle Nut? (Explained!). Sierra Gear & Axle is a premium line of light-duty differential parts. Install the inner spindle nut with dowel pin outward and tighten. Mustang Suspension Torque Specs. You need a manual, as you need torque specs for the entire assembly of the primary cover, inner primary bolts, clutch hub nut, compensator, starter bolts, starter jackshaft bolt, swingarm pivot bolts and rear axle nut. So to clarify what has been posted, the F350DRW pickup has the smaller half shafts, the F450 pickup and the 450 to 550 C&C all seem to have the same rear axle and brakes and wheels and tires. I know those specs per the Polaris Service Manual are Control Arm / Suspension: @ 35 ft. coil monobeam (F-450/F-550), both with shock absorbers and stabilizer bar 4x4 Coil monobeam, shock absorbers, stabilizer bar Rear 4x2 Non independent live axle with leaf springs, staggered shock absorbers; stabilizer bar on DRW models, camper package and stabilizer bar package Non independent live axle with leaf springs;. I don't have a 1/2" torque wrench to tighten the rear axle nut right now. HayaiKuruma · #5 · Mar 31, 2021. I can't seem to find the torque setting for the axle nut. Wheel bearing locknut - 90 - 110 ft lbs. Has like a spring, with a clock looking gear, then the nut itself has a gear on the back of it. • Position the front wheel between the front forks while inserting. Another 1st page worthy note for people would be that 99-04 axles have smaller knuckles and cannot be swapped easily with the knuckles from 05+ axles with the difference in knuckles comes a difference in hubs and axle shafts as well, 99-04 has 30 spline outer and 05+ has 35 spline outer the 99-04 hubs and stub shafts are fairly long …. But the post I saw wasn’t clear on torque for the new nut, found it it does not like 90 ft lbs like the old nut ( tab broke of washer). according to these torque specs. I know they are bigger than the 150-350s. Torque specs for the rear axle nut on sport bikes from the other big 3 are in the 75-95ft. OEM Fuji axle nut, OEM axle, and reduced torque to 52 ft-lbs. Then turn an additional 180° when vehicle is on floor. Please refer to the Wheel Lug Nut Torque Specs For All 2019-2021 Ford Models table below, compiled by Sparky Express. • Front hub bearing bolts 60 ft-lbs. Spicer® Driveshaft Lube & Torque Specification. I had to replace the driver side front drive axle. The poor 3 series has been sitting in the garage for ages now but I've finally managed to fit new rear bearings, rear drums and one new wheel cylinder (couldn't get other side off, seized and didn't have brake spanner to hand). 25 full floater in my old International Harvester Metro panel / delivery truck. ft (90 Nm); NOTE: The stabilizer bar links are designed with low friction ball joints that have a low breakaway torque. The owner's manual has a torque spec of 72. This assumes that the components are in good condition, and not fatigued. Torque spec should be in the repair manual, but I don't know it. Personally, I always use a torque wrench. What's New; Forum Listing 2019 RGU Wicked Red/Barracuda Silver FM 128”,Level A heads, Woods 408 bumpstick, …. net">Rear spindle nut torque spec?. Front Wheel Hub Torque Specifications Spécifications de couple pour moyeu de roue avant Always refer to the specific vehicle manufacturer’s instruction manual for installation procedures. I'm about to change out the rear wheel hub on both sides** of my 2. Rear axle nut torque | Cummins Diesel Forum. retorque the ratchet nut to 65 pounds then back off 6 clicks. vitaminjoe Premium Member · #3 · Mar 3, 2017 (Edited) Torque specs are 76 lb-ft for those 12-point bolts. Ensure that you have the correct torque for the application by referring to SKF 457377 torque specification guide or contact the vehicle manufactures dealer. You’ll have to do the heavy lifting with a torque wrench—it does need you to put some real force on it. CB500 nut/bolt torque values? I'm trying to be conscientious and tighten the nuts & bolts & screws on my bike to spec values, instead of "as tight as I can get it", or "reasonably tight", but I can't seem to find torque values anywhere in the shop manual, owner's manual, Clymer's or the parts list. 99 1994-2022 Ford SuperDuty Single Rear Wheel (SRW) 10. 2011 to 2019 Explorer; Explorer, Sport Trac, Mountaineer & Aviator I have a f550 2012 im trying to find torque specs rear brakes for a dually. ft / 40 Nm while turning wheel. Last edited by Briansshop; 03-21-2006 at 06:03 PM. Install the nut retainer and a new cotter pin. The online service manual calls for 165 lbs. G30Model Year: 2017 + G60Model Year: 2025 + I'm doing the rear wheel bearing on my 135i. Without reference to Mercedes WIS procedures (and most likely all of the several special tools prescribed) you haven't a prayer of accomplishing this DIY. I have most everything I need, but I need to purchase a new torque wrench . Force up on the metal flange of the rear axle drive pinion seal. Chain didn't need looking at, apart from a bit of lube every 2 to 3 days of riding. 7 front hub/axle nut torque. Wats the proper torque the front and rear lock nuts. Just did a brake job (whew!) and want to put the hubs/rotors back on. Rear Differential Torque Specs; Pinion Nut Torque Spec: 250 ft-lbs: Ring Gear Bolts Torque Spec: 140 ft-lbs: Bearing Cap Bolts Torque Spec: 130 ft-lbs:. Many technicians use an impact gun when installing an axle nut on a wheel hub bearing which not only overtightens the bearing but can also …. Ford F550 Super Duty Wheel Stud. Axle / Spindle Nut Torque Specification Note A Note A Note A. The owners manual calls for 150 lbs. Axle flange bolt torque Discussion in 'Heavy Duty Diesel Truck Mechanics Forum' started by Dino soar, Sep 21, 2018. Back off one notch of lock until rolls smooth freely with no discernible play or looseness. F32 / F33Model Year: 2013 - 2019. Ford f250 Springs U Bolts Torque Specs : 185 ft-lbs Rear Axle Driveshaft Installation. I did a 3 1/2 week 5000km south island trip on my tracer gt. MANUAL Wheel Bearing Adjustment Procedures. Some vehicles they’re reusable, others the manufacture wants you to replace them. The lower ball joint nut can be torqued down to 100 ft-lbs. It didn't seem very tight when I loosened it. noun: dimple; plural noun: dimples. However, I see that the Excursion lists a spec of something like 78 ft lbs. 2007-2015 FRONT AND REAR Tighten to 110 ft-lbs/150 Nm with vehicle off ground. What about wheels? (rear-drive) SR20DE / SR20VE / SR20DET Forum (front drive) KA24E …. Driveline: Transmissions, Clutches and Axles ; dana s110 pinion nut torque. [highlight]2003 GGP 5MT Fully Loaded - SOLD[/highlight] 2013 Porsche 911 Carerra 2007 Aston Martin V8 Vantage 2016 Mazda MX-5 Miata Launch Edition. Whether you are changing a flat tire, you are swapping a wheel, or any type of work that requires you to remove the wheel on your 2019 Ford F550, it is important that you use the manufacturer's recommended wheel nut torque for your vehicle. Clean all the old grease and axle lubricant out of the rear hub. 60 ft-lbs (81 N·m) Spindle Nut Front. Manual also states use new torx screws when mounting rotors/discs as bigbadal stated. 10 Ratio Ring and Pinion Kit for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty F350, F450, F550 Dana M300 Rear Axle with Dual Rear Wheels. REMOVE THE BRAKE CALIPER ASSEMBLY. V8 Turbocharged Diesel Engine, 700 lb. The spec that I read was 26 ft lbs for a 4x4 F250 (which I have). Here is a list of lug nut torque specs and sizes for a Ford F-350. Sub-frame to chassis nut Torque: 129 lb. To install new leaf springs you can buy a kit that includes all the leaves all strapped together and then uninstall the U bolts that hold them to the axle and unbolt the 2. Chassis Torque Specs (4th Gen RAM) Shock Absorber Upper Nut -----40 ft lbs Shock Absorber Lower Bolt -----100 ft lbs Shock Tower to Frame -----55 ft lbs Lower Ball Joint Nut Initial Torque----- 35 ft lbs Lower Ball Joint Nut Final Torque -----148 ft lbs Upper Ball Joint Nut -----70 ft lbs Lower Control …. Apply Stud and Bearing Mount to the pinion threads, and install a new hex nut. DRK-337AMK Master Differential Bearing Kit fits Ford Dana 80 rear end with 4. •2016 Sierra 3500HD All terrain 5" Zone 35 BF KO2 on 20" Fuel Pumps PPEI delete w/4" flow pro - SOLD. 2002 Pewter Trans Am WS6 M6 - STOCK - 15k Miles. And if the manual recommends 250Nm that's what I'm going to spec it to. PreSet 2-Piece Nut 300 Inner* 200 Outer* NO BACK OFF *PreSet FC medium-duty steer hub is 150 ft-lbs inner, 100 ft-lbs outer PreSet 1-Piece Nut 300** *PreSet FC medium-duty steer hub is 150 ft-lbs WARNING: Always tighten the top nut first to fully seat the brake. We are working on a Forester today so this is our part number and here is a link. The left side locknut is left hand (reverse) thread so be aware of that. With the suspension at curb height, tighten the U-bolt nuts evenly in a cross-type pattern in 4 stages. 2, 2019 - Im replacing the front wheel bearing assemble this weekend and cant find the torque spec for the ale nut. I tightened my chain today, first time. That works if it's the first time off from the factory or you used a torque wrench yourself from a time before. for the Front and Rear INSTALLATION 1. Remove and discard the wheel drive shaft nut. 6 ml (1 oz) of SAE 75W-140 High Performance Rear Axle Lubricant. 2018 f150 Rear End Torque Specs. 2006 f550 drw rear spindle nut torque spec - Ford 2006 Super Duty F 450 Drw question. 98 QU20088 Dana 2-1/2" Thread Ratchet Type Front or Rear Axle Spindle Nut is a genuine original equipment Dana replacement part for Dana Super 70 4x4 Front …. The required torque for 5/8 inch rear axle shaft flange mounting stud hardware has been increased. Rear shock absorber to Frame mounted bracket nut: 62: 46: F-450; F-550; Shock absorbers/shocks: Rear shock absorber to Axle bracket nut and bolt: 62: 46: F-250; F-350; Shock absorbers/shocks: Rear shock absorber to Axle bracket nut and bolt: 62: 46: F-350; Shock absorbers/shocks: Rear shock absorber to Axle bracket nut and bolt: 62: 46: F-450. It's a 3 1/4 “ nut … read more. So I've looked around at the torque specs on the Torque to Yield bolts securing the rear drive shaft and find some confusing data! Yes, I am replacing the bolts and axle seal. Discard the nuts and the U-bolts. Torque specs for rear hubs assembly. 0 Thread Size Prevailing Torque Spindle Nut. Web f150 front wheel axle nut torque spec : Used 6 spoke factory alloy rims. Rear axle nut torque spec - 2020 R1. Ford F-550 Manual Online: Wheel Lug Nut Torque Specifications. The bracket bolts torque down to 41 ft-lbs while the endlinks torque to 22 ft-lbs. What is the procedure for torqueing rear axle…. NOTE: Tighten the spindle nut to the specified torque. + Timken 370247A Oil Bath Seal. The is secured in place by a retaining ring and square pin. 8, M6 size bolt, Conical spring washer installed; Paint removing nut (Size M6 and M8) for fixing with weld bolt. Double Cardan Driveshaft-to-Transfer Case Bolts 5/16-24 = 20-28 lb/ft. I *assume* it's probably around 150 lb-ft (because that's the spec for the lug nuts which are also M14) but I'd rather not guess. CAUTION: The hub bearings must be prelubed prior to …. Was told for the old drum nut to rotate counter-clockwise while tightening and torque to 175 ft-lbs. Adjust the chain with the bike on the kickstand, not the rear stand or it'll be too tight. I have a four foot torque wrench that goes to 500 but thats one hell of a grunt and you have to hold the flange while doing this. Author: 1A Auto Created Date: 8/17/2017 11:17:57 AM. Tightening torque: 110 N·m (81 lb·ft) NOTE: The tightening torque for both new bearings and reused bearings is the same. subaru: application: ft-lbs (n-m) axle shaft nut: front impreza, legacy: 137 (186) all others: 145 (196) rear legacy: 123-152 (167-206) all others: 108 (147) ball joint nut: 25 (34) ball joint pinch bolt fwd | boots | rear line | experts home page | top of page. The center axle nut needs to be torqued down to 258 ft-lbs. and torque the bearings properly. Get the best deals on Genuine OEM Rear Axle Housings & Parts for Ford F-550 Super Duty when you shop the largest online selection at eBay. There is no way that the lug nuts were …. Also, lub the bearings well before torquing. Take the nut off, wipe it and the axle clean, and put on fresh anti-seize. A rotational force given in foot-pounds (ft-lbs), wheel torque measures lug nut tightness. Also with two piece lug nuts (built- in washer) a drop of oil between the washer and nut is a good idea- no lube on studs. The diagnostic minds in the garage started to come up with a cause based on what we were seeing. CHASSIS CAB TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS. Was just curious for all the do it yourselfers. 3 Nm (20 lb-in) when end play is zero. However, use tightening torque without lubricant for the following cases. Be the first to answer Jul 02, 2019 • Dodge Cars & Trucks. Whats the torque spec on those, i can find hub torque and lug nut torque spec everywhere, i just cant find the axle nut specs anywhere (i also might not have nomenclature correct) Thanks in advance. Recently, we were moving around a 2016 Kia Soul in the Brake & Front End Garage for a video shoot. #1 remove axle shaft with the 6 or 8 bolts on the end of the shaft. You torque the adjusting-nut to 50 ft-lb while rotating drum, back off the adjusting-nut 60 to 90 deg or so (so that the lock-ring will "mate" in alignment hole), & then tighten the lock-nut to xx ft-lbs (one manual states 65 ft-lbs, but that is for a 1 ton Dana 60 front axle. Check Rear Axle Nut Torque. 1999 to 2016 Super Duty 1999 to 2016 Ford F250, F350, F450 and F550 Super Duty with diesel V8 and gas V8 and V10 engines. Socket for axle nut on F350 rear end, also torque setting?. front caliper mount bolts 18 ft/lbs. If you have a circular flange, the bolt torque is 76 foot pounds. (7) Install ABS wheel speed sensor, brake rotor and caliper. (20 Nm) and the brake line fastener to 11 ft. FWD, RWD & 4 W/D front axle nut torque specifications. I took it off with a srewdriver and a hammer but would like to put it on with a. Torque Specifications — Super Duty F-250, F-350 pickup. 5 lbf-ft) Front brake caliper mounting bolttightening torque:39 N·m (3. Same thing with the bed-to-frame bolts gotta' toss 'em anytime to break 'em loose. Rear of leaf spring, Spring-to-shackle bolt and nut is 166 ft-lb. 2L Engine; Wheels: Wheel lug nuts: 203: 150: F-250; 6. I was curious about the 60ft lbs of torque so used my torque wrench, thought I was going to crush the bearings and spacers. 0L Power Stroke Diesel 2003 - 2007 F250, F350 pickup and F350+ Cab Chassis, 2003 - 2005 Excursion and 2003 - 2009 van. Sierra Gear & Axle parts are designed and engineered to the highest quality specifications for use in street, off-road and performance environments. 2009-2017 FRONT AND REAR Tighten to 147 ft-lbs/200 Nm, with vehicle raised. 500 SEDAN / SE/SEL 2005 – 2007 100 ft-lbs. When reinstalling the axle, install the axle and put the axle bolts on finger tight. You all know better than to use an impact wrench to tighten an axle nut, right? Axle nuts plan an important role in the wheel end, and properly torquing the. Hello everybody, just wondering if anybody has had rear diff problems with there F550s? My 2013 has a leaky pinion seal. You will lose a small amount of fluid here so have a pan ready. Front axle tightening torque:100 N·m (10. Anti Roll/Stabilizer Bar To Control Arm-Lower. 2006 ARCTIC CAT 700EFI SE ( Now belongs to Dad) …. Run the first nut in at 50 lb/ft. But I was wondering if they really are 94 pounds or if I read the wrong number. 16rally Discussion starter · Mar 14, 2017. Mounted between Rails Behind Rear Axle Dual, Rectangular 25 Gallon and 40 Gallon HEADLIGHTS. Below you'll find the tightening torques for the Ford E-Series 4 1 in both Nm and ft/lbs. Rear axle seal replacement. well worth the time if your not sure about your sockets. Toujours se référer au manuel d’instruction du fabriquant pour les procédures d’installation. Click the area you are looking for! The rear leaf spring on an F150 consists of a series of leaves that are bolted to the vehicles frame and axle. Like from the axle housing to the front of the spring. Stabilizer Endlinks Torque Spec. They aren't listed on the door jamb either. Torque Specs and Nut Sizes. Pull the 8 bolts holding the axle in and remove the axle. Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease is compatible with all NLGI-2 greases, and delivers professional-grade quality, even at high temperatures. OTC 6601 Rear Axle Nut Wrench for Ford. JAJ said: On an S550, a wobbling rear wheel is caused by a worn hub bearing, not a loose half-shaft nut. I removed and installed the axle nut a few times on my Jeep and if I remember well, I always torqued to 185 lbs or maybe sometime to 100 lbs, I dont remember Each time im searching on Google and always find both Like everyone know , in the service manual they say Half Shaft Hub/Bearing. Installed a new rear hub and baring, just wondering what the proper torque should be on the 30mm hub nut. If the washer doesn't quite line up, tighten the inner nut a little until it does, never loosen it. Krisbiker2 said: Hold that end from turning with a spanner whilst torqueing the nut. Torque specs for front suspension?. Join Date Received 11 Likes on 10 Posts F550 rear end problems. Checked also data I have for years ranging from 2005 to 2010, and they are the same. Sponsored by: Ford Sterling Axle Nut - Torque & Seal but I think the …. very frustrated cannot find torque specs on wifes 330xi ,just did front axles and cannot find anywhere torque specs for the axle nut. 2019 Ford Expedition Lug Nut Torque Specs – Sparky Express. There is no set Torque for the flange nut. Please consider creating a new thread. that it calls for is actually on the light side, compared to Japanese bikesmy pervious bike, yz250f for instance, called for 98 ft/lbs. On ‎5‎/‎28‎/‎2002 at 8:40 AM, The_Goose said: I have always tightened my rear axle nut with a 27mm box end wrench. Make or Torque or Torque Year Model Ft-lbs/Nm Ft-lbs/Nm Front Proc. 3) Front wheel axle pinch bolts. working on a f-550,puting in a new rear end and I had to swap the pinion yokes,what do you guys use the hold the yoke so that you can torque it to the 832 ft/pound that it wants? Jump to content. On my previous bikes I've just torqued them about 80. Most will be applicable to model years 1999-2003. 2019 Ford F550 Lug Nut Torque Setting. 5" RSK/D60/SD Springs Ride Rite Rear Bags Bilstein 5100 Shocks 315/75/R16 BFG A/T Pro Comp XTreme Wheels --- SOLD 01/2011 2009 F-250 FX4 - Diesel - Crew Cab/Long Bed - 4" Pure Performance X-Factor Lift - 325/60/20. After 25 miles (40 km), check the lug nut/bolt torque to be sure that all the lug nuts / bolts are properly seated against the wheel. When it comes to your Ford F-550 Super Duty, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Anyone know the rear axle nut torque? BenzWorld. switches on dash, 2009 Ford F-450 Super Duty. Make or Torque or Torque Year Model Ft-lbs/Nm Ft-lbs/Nm 3 ACURA 1997-99 2. While rotating wheel end, torque the inner nut: • Steer Hubs 250-300 lb. Anyway, i am in need of the torque specs for the Castle nut, and the two nuts where the hub bolts on the A-arms. Web 2023 Ford Edge Lug Nut 2022 Ford Edge Lug Nut 2021 Ford Edge Lug Nut 2020 Ford Edge Lug Nut 2019 Ford Edge Lug Nut 2018 Ford Edge Lug Nut 2017 Ford Edge. 2017 Ford Escape titanium 2. Rear Control Arm and Ball Joint Torque Specs; Rear Upper Arm to Frame Torque Spec: 203 ft-lbs: Rear Upper Arm to Knuckle Torque Spec: 203 ft-lbs: Rear Lower Arm to Frame Torque Spec: 185 ft-lbs: Rear Lower Arm to Knuckle Torque Spec: 203 ft-lbs: Rear Hub and Diff Torque Specs; Rear Wheel Axle Nut Torque Spec: 203 ft-lbs: Rear Wheel …. Warning: Inadequate lubrication can cause driveline failure, which can result in. Teasing is over, I'll crawl back into my hole now. Set the parking brake and loosen the eight axle shaft retaining bolts. Considerations for selecting the best gear ratio: An F550 with 4. Lug nut torque specs for F350 dually. STEP 1: While holding rear axle universal joint flange with Companion Flange Holding Tool, remove pinion nut. Torque arm, rear to housing: 25 foot-pounds. We Supply Round U Bolts, Square …. I know it goes to 75 ft/lbs, but right now that doesn't help much. So per the fsm I got from the glorious AF1 rear axle nut is 120nm. 2013 Flex Rear End Torque Specs. Read axles nut and suspension torque specs. 0 - rear axle nut torque specs | 2013+ Ford Escape Forum. Thread starter Martinezcorrea; Start date I didnt replace my axel nuts and my manual said torque to 175lbs. Tighten the wheel bearing adjusting nut using the J 2222-C. Rear Wheel Hub Nut Socket. NOTE: The wheel hub nuts are RH thread (right hub), and LH thread (left hub). FIRMLY HIT IN THE AXLE, A SMALL …. I have a 2004 F550 with S135 rear end and am wondering if the axle tightening sequence is the same as on this I have a 2004 F550 with Dana S135 rear end and am wondering if the axle nut tightening sequence is the same as on this page? my axle nuts are big nuts 3 1/4" socket and I need 2 know the tightening sequence and torque value. Install gripping pliers to the seal flange and strike with a hammer until the rear axle drive pinion seal is removed. Install the spindle nut retainer and a new cotter pin. “'Why' and 'How' are words so important they cannot be too often used. I know this is an old post, but just curious if anyone else is having wheel bearing issues. He tried to loosen it, but he was afraid of stripping the thread. Tire shops do it to cover their rear, because when they don't, wheels have a tendency to come off. Axle, late models, that use an allen bolt and not a nut:. docent the rear end lube them ? Im using the old bearings. Google searches just kept giving me the front nut in the results. ) POWERTRAIN: Refer To The Ordering Guide For 50 States Usage Engine Application Refer To Standard Equipment Specifications With 7. Testimonial: "The info on the torgue specs was very helpful. a slight depression in the surface of something. Rear axle nut Apr 5, 2019 13:01:38 GMT -7. The correct way to tighten the rear hub nut is as follows:-Swing axle models (not 1302 nor 1303):-- Initially tighten the rear hub nut to 150 lbft - Tighten the hub nut to the next split pin hole up to a maximum of 217 lbft. The e90 m3 has the exact same wheel bearing and axle nut and the torque spec is only 300 Nm. Torque Converters; Transfer Cases; Transfer Case Parts; 2005-2016 Ford F450 F550 S110 Spindle Nut OEM Dana Spicer 2. 2020-07-26 2019 Ford F450 Lug Nut Torque Setting. Inspect wheels and check wheel nuts during service stops. Thoroughly clean the axle shaft and apply a thin film of Mopar Wheel Bearing Grease or equivalent to the shaft splines, seal contact surface and hub bore. SuzukiGS750EZ Discussion starter. Thank you! Looks like I will have to go back and retorque. Also if you have any tips on changing the bearing, that would be awesome. the first one in should be torqued to 50 ft lbs (yes only 50) spin the wheel around to seat the bearing for a little bit then back it of a quarter turn, then put the lock washer in the middle, then the outter nut is 190 ft lbs. Rear Axle Nut Torque Specs. I need the torque specs and the nut sizes for the following things: 1) Spring & Shackle Pins (front and rear) 2) The carraige bolt nuts for the leaf in this thread in this sub-forum in the entire site. waynerd Discussion starter · Aug 13, 2014. Torque specs (#-ft): Pinion shaft lock nut 470. Kia Rio axle nut torque specs need torque specs for front axle nut - Toyota Corolla question. Halogen Composite POWER STEERING. THe other side, I'm at a bit of a loss. What's New; Forum 2019 RGU Wicked Red/Barracuda Silver FM 128”,Level A heads, Woods 408 bumpstick, HPI. Pinion nut: 937: 691: 302RBI Rear Axle; Differential: Pinion shaft lock bolt: 52: 38: 9-1/4 AA Front Axle; Wheel hub assembly: Hub bearing bolts: 200: 148: 275FBI Front Axle; Wheel hub assembly:. if you are talking about the axle seals, 1. 2009 - 2014 Ford F150 - Axle nut question. Front axle pinion nuthow to torque properly?. Throw the cotter-pin in but do tighten the pinch bolts heavy. 1524 mm) or more, service the PreSet hub assembly Nut Torque Acceptable End Play Criteria b Trailer single-nut system (PRO-TORQ™) 200 lb-ft (272 N m) Back off until. Reviewed in Australia on September 26, 2020. According to the factory service manual the axle nut is not a one time use, it is re-useable. Nut Torque Axle Type Threads Per Inch Final Back Off Nut Size Torque Speciications Acceptable End Play Step 2 Step 3 Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Step 8 200 lbf•ft (271N•m) While Rotating Wheel One Full Turn 50 lbf•ft (68 N•m) While Rotating Wheels Steer (Front) Non-Drive 12 1/6 Turn* Install Cotter Pin to Lock Axle Nut in Position 0. The 450 Pickup is 43,500lbs (or more). q50adix · #2 · Feb 26, 2020 (Edited) I think the torque would be somewhere between 175 - 190 ft lbs. But in an older chart (picture below) for Bullets 350 and 500, the torque values for rear wheel Spindle Nut (30 mm) is 47 Lb. Improve your ride quality and confidence with this high-value, high-quality, American-made Steinjager product. mile marker 15009-01 socket is the correct socket. Sponsored by: Rear end axle hub nut torque. Fasteners that have been in service for a long time should be replaced. The axle just spun against the stop (on the sprocket side) until it was distroyed. Maximum spread of rear axle =. Torque spec on f450 rear axle bearing. Generally, jam nuts less than 2-5/8" should be torqued to 200-300 lbf-ft; nuts 2-5/8" and over should be torqued to 250-400 lbf-ft. Below you'll find the tightening torques for the Ford F150 13 in both Nm and ft/lbs. SKF proper axle nut torque (HD). Also, the mechanic (duc tech level 3) that worked on my bike said to have someone step on the rear brake when tightening or losening the rear axle nuts. Mark the face of the nut at the slot where the pin is. Tighten up good until snub maybe a little resistance turning. " Thus, if his kit o' stuff just doesn't have 19mm / 3/4" he's gonna need to get one, from what I'm reading. Ford F550 Super Duty Wheel Bearing/Hub Assembly-Rear. First off, I no have a torque wrench that size. Using a torque wrench: (A) Tighten the nut to 200 ft-lb. Thanks very much for any help! I have a '99 Ford shop manual and for F250/350 it states the hub bearing to knuckle torque spec is 55 lb/ft. #2 remove the caliper and mounting bracket. Dorman Spindle Lock Nut Kit 618-033. Below you'll find the tightening torques for the Dodge Ram 4 in both Nm and ft/lbs. 8 Gal HX Expansion Tank, 6000k Fog Lights, C6 Z06 Rears Wrapped With Mickey Thompson 305-35/18 Drag Radial, 11mm Spacers Up Front, 15mm In The Back. Rotor to hub bolts - 155 Nm ( 114 lb-ft ). my bearings and changed my rotors and pads. Axle Nut: 300: 221: Rear Leaf Springs Front Nut: 162: 119: Rear Leaf Springs Rear Nut: 103: 76: Rear U-Bolts: 133: 98: Rear Upper Shock Bolt: 70: 52:. The hub nut/wheel bearing, 148 ft lbs, use new nut, don't let vehicle weight sit on the ground while torqueing, it could damage the wheel bearing. Would be good if you share your experience. Spicer ultra-premium synthetic grease is available in 10-packs of 14-oz. ford/mercury/lincoln: application: ft-lbs / ( n-m) axle spindle nut: probe: 174-235 (235-319) all others: 180-200 (244-271: brake caliper bolt (probe) 58-72 fwd | boots | rear line | experts home page | top of page driveaxle catalog | boot kit catalog. Genuine OEM Rear Axle Housings & Parts for Ford F. Should be 60 lb-ft (81 Nm) while rotating the hub occasionally to be sure the bearings aren't binding up. Lock washer - bend a tab or two over the adjusting nut, or use the same bent ones in the same place. Then turn nut an additional 180°. The pinion nut does not have a torque spec. This is my work hoarse ! 2000 F550 - Crew cab -Custom Hood Harley Flamed Fenders & Doors. For model 80, use special tools 205-277 and 205-153 to remove the inner bearing cup. rear spindle nut torq spec. Note: Gen II - REAR Stabilizer Bar Bushing Clamp Nuts. axle nut on F350 rear end, also torque setting?">Socket for axle nut on F350 rear end, also torque setting?. Ford F-550 4 X 2 / 4 X 4 2019, Rear Inner Wheel Bearing by DT Components®. A setting tool must be used to measure the checking distance. info is the largest online database of car user manuals. a small depression in the flesh. 5" black pipe,long enough to touch the leaf spring, w/ plate welded to the end that bolts to the yoke. i have been reading articles related to changing radius arm bushings in this forum for the last couple hours. TK40641 Torque QU20088 Dana 2-1/2" Thread Ratchet Type Front or Rear Axle Spindle Nut is a genuine original equipment Dana replacement part for Dana Super 70 4x4 Front. Leaf Spring U-Bolts Are Available From Grade 5 U-Bolts To Grade 8 U-Bolts. 2017+ Super Duty - Dana M300 Discussion - background: 2020 XL DRW with 7. This is done with no brake drag and wheels off. To install new leaf springs you can buy a kit that includes all the leaves all strapped together and then uninstall the U bolts that hold them to the axle and unbolt the 2 bolts that hold it to the frame. Powertrain F250/F350 | F350/F550 | F650/F750 F250/F350 Powertrain Super Duty F-250 Regular Cab Styleside Pickup (137″ wb. 205-448 Wheel Hub Bearing Locknut Socket Alt. Tom Schmitz Administrator · #4 · Oct 14, 2021. the end of the chain adjusting plate aligns. The second table contains all torque spec values I could find. Take the torque and divide by your weight 181ft-lbs / 150lbs = 1. 2004 dodge reading the code 02htr I hv a 2004 dodge stratus 2door sxt. I’m looking for: Caliper bolts. Not sure why you're having to torque the axle nutsbut in the future, if you need to pull the axle out Take the wheel off, take the brake caliper off, Take the A-arm bolts out, And pull the whole thing out as an assembly. if you are talkign about the 10. You only have to torque the one side to spec, the other side just needs to be held still so it won't spin. hellbndr23 Discussion starter · Feb 18, 2013. What I know off the top of my head: 1. Replace the flat tire with the spare tire, making sure the valve stem is facing outward on all front an. They include wiring diagrams and …. The manual covers 1999-2010 Super Duty pick-ups/Excursion F-250 and F-350 gas and diesels. FORD F-550 2018 Owners Manual PDF Download. Caliper mount bolts are 74 ft/lbs. Stage 3: Tighten to 200 Nm (148 lb-ft). ARB On-Board High Performance 12 Volt Air. F150 Front Wheel Axle Nut Torque Spec : 30 ft-lbs F150 Front Wheel Hub Torque Specs : 129 ft-lbs During assembly the rear bolts/nuts can be torqued to 222 ft-lbs. Amazon Basics 1/2-Inch Drive Click Torque Wrench - 20-150 foot-lb, 27. Below you'll find the tightening torques for the Ford Super Duty 2 in both Nm and ft/lbs. Torque specs for toyota lug nuts are rated at 76 ft/lb. Ratcheting rear axle spindle nut. The bolt pattern for a 2012 ford edge is 5x114. the four axle nuts, 98 ft lbs, tighten in criss-cross pattern. Axle and Wheel Nut Torque Specifications. (crushes only once) The outside bolt comes in two dimensions, 12 or 8 mm, check size and torque. Start the hub nut making sure that the tab aligns correctly in the keyway prior to thread …. This document says the rear axel nut is 90Nm, but the owner's manual says it should but 125Nm. Check Pages 1-24 of FWD, RWD & 4 W/D front axle nut torque specifications in the flip PDF version. Repeat procedure with the rest of the nuts. Web rear shocks installation to replace the rear shocks on a f150 you will need to remove two sets of bolts/nuts. 75 Independent; 12 Bolt Rear End; Drag Race Floater Rear End; Pro Touring Floater Kit; Live Axle Rear End; Tighten nut until it takes 15-20 inch lbs of torque to rotate the pinion bearings: None: Self Locking Nut: Using Solid Spacer: 200 ft lbs: None: Self Locking Nut: Cover Bolts: 25 ft lbs: None: None:. I attribute my successes to god and give him the glory. It says that 2002 models are 69 lbs for the upper and 150 for the lower. plain OM said: My 2007 FSM says 162 ft-lb front, 177 ft-lb rear. Posted on February 19, 2019 by Rick Muscoplat. need torque on pinion and are …. Jump to Latest Follow 26K views 6 replies 4 participants last post by BsickPassat Apr 14, 2019. I'd think yours to be very close to the same or at least that will get you in the ball park!!. 10 & Up Loaded Trac Lok Rear Diff Carrier for M300 DRW. For some reason I was thinking the 550's had something along the line of 130 or 135. 2020 RGL - F&R Axle Torque Specs. October's Cummins of the Month is now open for entries!. 2012-2019 Impreza (non turbo) Also make sure to properly torque your rear axle nut and stake it. Just found a great source for the axle nut socket. I am going to assume its the same for a turbo s. The role of this part is to hold the spindle and. Ford F-350; Year Lug Nut Torque 2019: 165 lbf-ft / 224 N-m: M14 x 1. SeaBeeChuck; Aug 31, 2023; General Discussions; Replies 3 Views 489. The 2017 Ford F550 has a specific torque specification for its rear axle nut. Buick Axle Nut Torque Specifications? (Best solution). View, print and download for free: torque - FORD F-550 2018 Owners Manual, 660 Pages, PDF Size: 11. FREE delivery Fri, Oct 20 on $35 of items shipped by Amazon. org is an independent Yamaha enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. If the preload is set at the factory with orbital forming or other processes, the nut holds just the axle in the splines and to the flange. The torque depends on the style of bolt. Bull-Doser, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons. Since we have the same rear axle as a F250/350 1999-2004, a socket that is listed for those trucks will work for ours. F550 wheel bearing torque - 2002 Ford Super Duty F 550. With this torque specification, you can have confidence that your Ford F550 is running smoothly and safely! 2017 Ford F550 Rear Axle Nut Torque Spec. Push down with one hand on the torque wrench on one side of the hub, push down on the other side of the hub with the pry bar between studs. I need to know what the torque spec for the rear axle nut is. Inner Spindle Nut Torque a Outer Nut Torque Out-of-Service End Play Criteria Trailer two-piece nut system (PreSet® by Meritor) 300 lb-ft (408 N m) 200 lb-ft (272 N m) 0. pounds on the six rear sprocket bolts. Code: Description Lb/Ft Leaf spring-to-axle U-bolt nut 185 Leaf spring-to-front spring hanger bracket nut and bolt 185 Leaf spring-to-rear shackle nut and bolt 185 Rear shackle-to-frame mounted bracket nut and bolt 185 Shock absorber-to-frame mounted bracket nut 46 Shock …. Avoid damaging the axle shaft oil seals in the axle housing. Spin the wheel hub assembly at least one full rotation. The older model Fusion Front & rear axle nut, hub mount and lug nut torque specifications for FWD 3 Series AWD E92, E93 2012-2013. The F-350 DRW with TowBoss pkg, plus all the F-450 and F-550 4x4s, have a Dana "Super" 60 front axle. Insert the jack handle into the pump linkage. 99-10 F-450 F-550 SUPER DUTY SD REAR END AXLE HOUSING DIFFERENTIAL VENT 924-263. until I was finally finding ones with the same answers and it was. my book is hard to fallow on instructions The book says to pack the bearings. The tightening torque for the wheel lug nuts on a 2022 Ford F550 is 150 ft⋅lbf, or 204Nm (M14x1. I understand there is a controlled torque on the 4 nuts once the hub is installed into the knuckle. Rotate the hub in the opposite direction to the way the adjuster nut is turning. *sigh i cant find my repair manual* I know the wheel nuts are 55. I wouldn't think load on the axle nut could lead to bearing failure all the load is …. rear axle nut torque spec. I removed and installed the axle nut a few times on my Jeep and if I remember well, I always torqued to 185 lbs or maybe sometime to 100 lbs, I dont remember Each time im searching on Google and always find both Like everyone know , in the service manual they say. You may loose it because it's not tight enough. Ford Also Equipped The 1980-Current E-350 Dual Rear Wheel And Some E-450 Super Duty Vans With Dana 70 or Dana 70HD Rear Axles. Tom's e-mail: contact@souperdoo. 5 inch rear axle 96 ford ranger. com is an independent Honda enthusiast website owned and operated by VerticalScope Inc. Install the hub wrench tool and tighten the nut to 55-65ft/lbs (75-88Nm). The same workshop manual procedures for the front axle apply to all 2006 F-250 through F-550 4x4s. I can't find this anywhere, the book says "use suitable socket", I know it is 8 sided but do not know the size. Anyone have a link or list for common nut n bolt torque settings for the AT?. REMOVE THE DIFF COVER (slowly)3. What are they supposed to be torqued at? These are the 15 /16 nuts that hold the axle in on the Hub. Coat the axle shaft bolt threads with waterproof seal and install them by hand untill they seat. Specs for 2010 4x4 2500 are bearing bolts to 150 ft-lbs and the axle shaft nut to 132 ft-lbs Beginning Torque, Then Rotate 5 to 10 Times With a Final Torque of 263 ft-lbs, I can look up your exact vehicle if you say what you have. Remove the outer rear wheel bearing and the rear hub and brake disc assembly. One of them says to have some one else spin the rotor while I tighten the nut to 70 ft lbs, back it off 90 degrees and re-tighten to 20 ft lbs. • Tighten: Torque - Front Axle Nut: 88 N·m (9. Tomorrow I'll be working on this 2015 Ford F550 Super Duty 6. G30Model Year: 2017 + G60Model Year: Anyone can get me the service pages for the rear axle? Need the torque specs for the 36mm nut. FORD OEM E-350 Econoline Club Wagon Rear Differential-Pinion Bearings B5D4630A (Fits: Ford F-550 Super Duty) #11 on Diagram Only-Genuine OE Factory Original Item. Sub-frame to chassis bolt (the long one that passes through the control arm bushing) Stage 1: 184 lb. need torque on pinion nut and are. QU20868 Left Side 41 Spline Rear Axle Shaft for 2017-2019 Ford Super Duty F450, F550 Dana M300 Rear Axles with Dual Rear F550. Torquing the Rear castlenut. These bearings are pressed into place and . Here at Advance Auto Parts, we work with. 4TFSi - need to change a rear wheel bearing, can anyone furnish me with the torque setting for the hub nut? Golf MK8 - 2019 - Golf SV; Vento - 1994 - 1998; Jetta MK1 - 1980 - 1984; Jetta MK2 - 1984 - 1992; Jetta MK3 - 2005 - 2013; Rear Axle nut torque. When it comes to wrenching, I’m a by the book kinda guy. FWD FRONT AXLE NUT TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. 22 it means they don't make mistakes. 2019 Super Duty Tech Specs. (8) Forward Nuts - 85 ft/lbs | Rear Bolts - 85 ft/lbs. Inspect the following items occasionally for tightness, and if they've been loosened for maintenance service.